Sh*tty Mom for All Seasons

When it comes to motherhood, a lot gets tossed at us in a short amount of time.

It’s not just when your kids are babies, it’s the full-throttle of all the ages and all the stages.

As soon as I started to get the “baby thing” down, they got older on me.

I’m in the middle of tween-hood right now (which comes with the occasional moodiness). I don’t even know if tween-hood is a word, but it’s where I am.  My 4 guys – William, Alex, Ben and Henry – have certainly brought me to a whole new different level of motherhood. They’re BOYS now, not just little guys.

(I’m holding onto Victoria’s 2 year old little leg like a dog with a bone! I’m not ready for her to grow up yet!)

What’s always been refreshing to me is when other moms are just open, honest and no BS about motherhood. It’s not always a walk in the park. It’s not always rainbows and unicorns. It’s not always smiling faces and Donna Reed dinners (OK, for my crew – never Donna Reed dinners).

My friends Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner with Erin Clune have written the incredible follow-up book to their New York Times bestseller Sh*tty Mom called – Sh*tty Mom for All Seasons: Half-@ssing it All Year Long.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.42.07 PM

Let me just say this… it’s HILARIOUS! Absolutely, positively hilarious. It’s the kind of book you’ll read and nod your head and laugh throughout! The book is organized by season, which is amazing because it’s the exact way we all parent.

  • Fall: “Yes, We All Have to Be Here: The Annual PTO Fundraiser”
  • Winter: “Mom’s Real New Year’s Resolutions”
  • Spring: “I’m Running Off with the Gardner: April Fools!”
  • Summer: “Summer Reading Lists & Other Great Reasons Why You Don’t Home School”

For me, what jumped out at me the most was the summer section. I hate the summer. I hate the summer because I work from home and it’s the most difficult time of year for me to balance it all. This is the first year we will be hiring a babysitter to help us out so I don’t freak out! I laughed out loud when I read one of the “Reminder!” boxes in his chapter…

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.21.16 PM

This is a REALLY tip for me to know! 😉

It’s a wonderful read and just the perfect book for a mom.

You’ll laugh.

You’ll take photos of certain sections and send to friends (right, Robyn!?).

You’ll feel like you’re not alone in this world of motherhood at all.

Sh*tty Mom for All Seasons explores the occasions throughout the year that test every mother’s patience and inspire self-deprecating humor and that second glass of wine. With chapters organized by season, the book will teach you how to navigate the bumpy roads of motherhood, learn to laugh at the occasional parenting fail, and maybe even appreciate your own mother.

Jump aboard and give yourself a fabulous read!

It’s also the perfect gift to pass along to your BFF, too!


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  1. 4.20.16

    Oh this book looks great! I haven’t read either one but would probably enjoy reading both, Not to mention it would make a great Mother’s Day Gift to my Sister and a few of my friends.

    Thank you for the post…definitely will be on my summer reading list now 🙂

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