Audrey’s birthday always begins for me TODAY

Audrey’s birthday always begins for me TODAY…

38 years ago today, I woke up, got dressed, headed to my English teaching job, got a bit into 1st period of the day, felt something strange, looked down, couldn’t see my feet or the floor beneath me because I was almost 8-months pregnant (back then, we measured in months, not weeks) and asked a student if he saw blood.

He didn’t.

I thought maybe my water had broken.  But it was May 22nd and my baby wasn’t due until June 26th.

I sent that same (probably still traumatized high school boy) student to get my husband, Barry, who taught at the same school. Barry quickly got our car, then we drove to our hospital, I got admitted because yes, my water had broken, and I labored for 32 hours.

Our first little tiny 4 lb. 9 oz. baby girl, Audrey Allison, would be delivered by C-section at 5:53 pm, 38 years ago tomorrow, joining older brothers Keith and Adam and with our Jane arriving 2 1/2 years later, making me the most blessed Mama who ever lived, in my humble opinion.

I have been in love with this little-tiny-baby-Wondergirl-turned-woman ever since!

~ Audrey, 3 years old ~
~ Audrey, 3 years old ~

We’ve had lots of birthday celebrations, birthday joy, birthday festivities, birthday happiness with our Audrey, but the celebration always begins for me TODAY, May 22nd!


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