Amope Pedi Perfect

How to Use Amope Pedi Perfect is one of the most common questions I get asked. Believe me, I get it. You see it and you’re not sure what to do with it, right? It even (dare I say it) looks a little funny. You don’t want to mess with it, but you also don’t want to not use it. LOL… does that make sense? I will say – the first time I used it I fell in love. It’s a device that I feel like every woman needs. It’s awesome and with knowing that summer is almost here, it’s even more of a draw!

Amope Pedi Perfect

Amope Pedi Perfect - Pink

It’s time for perfect feet! I have been extremely intrigued by this device (I’m telling you) for awhile now. I have the world’s roughest feet, so when I saw that Amope Pedi Perfect could make them soft and smooth – I jumped at the chance. I thought it would be fun to show you Amope Pedi Perfect in action! I’m all about giving you my honest and real opinion here. If I don’t think it’s worth buying, I’m going to tell you. There’s nothing in it for me to try and get you to use (and or buy) something if it’s not worth it. At the beginning – I’m going to tell you upfront – I was worried that:

  1. It would hurt
  2. It wouldn’t work
  3. It wouldn’t last for a long time (you know those products you buy once and then they break right after)

Thankfully –  I was wrong! Very wrong and I’m happy to report that fact back to you! I see these commercials all the time and I’m always curious if it’s something that I should even invest in. I also hadn’t found anyone that had bought one to let me know what they think of it, so I decided to go for it and try it myself – firsthand! I’m glad I did! I actually think I emailed everyone local to see if they had one and even posted on Twitter and Facebook to see if anyone had an opinion on it. Couldn’t find a soul!

How to Use Amope Pedi Perfect – I wanted to walk you through the steps slowly because it’s something that I feel that once you see it used once, you’ve got it down!

How to Use Amope Pedi PerfectCheck out this video I created showing how to use it properly. At the time that I created this video, I couldn’t find much on YouTube about it, which shocked me! I thought for sure people would be all over it, making sure to share the beauty wealth with each other!

– First things first – the device doesn’t make that much noise, it’s not that loud! So don’t be fooled by the sound of it! I wasn’t sure if it would be annoying at all either, but it’s not!

– The Amope Pedi doesn’t make a big mess either! I was worried skin would be everywhere and all over the floor. I will give you the advice to do it over the bathtub. I think that’s the best thing you can do when you’re using it. I mean truly – you think dead skin and you automatically think – great… this is going to be disgusting and just everywhere! NOPE!

– Store in a closet and it will last you! And keep out of reach from your kids. My sons would be all over a gadget like this to play with and I don’t want that for them! I”m telling you – make sure you do store it away from your kids. You don’t want them messing around with this device. Keep it high and keep it up. It’s not dangerous, but you don’t want them playing with it. Amope Pedi Perfect

More info about How to Use Amope correctly:

I’m going to include the product description here and showcase why it’s one of the best beauty products to have in your home.

How to Use Amope  – Make sure you invest in one, you will love it!!!!

Discover why over two million feet in the US are fans of the Amope Electronic Foot File and get feet that look great and feel silky smooth and soft without any hassle. Gentle on your feet and easy to use, this buffs away hard skin in minutes leaving you with touchably beautiful feet you will want to show off. This sophisticated pedicure tool is quite simple to use. Gently rotate the Amope Foot File over your hard, thick skin to remove dead skin from feet. The specifically designed Micralumina replaceable head is effective yet gentle which makes it an essential piece in your foot care tools. After using the Amope Foot File, combine with the use of the Amop Daily Moisturizer or other callus remover and exfoliating treatments to yield soft, beautiful feet. This pedicure tool does not contain sharp blades you would typically find in a foot shaver, so it’s safe to use as directed in the home. And being powered by Four AA Batteries (included), it’s the cordless electric foot file that goes with you. It’s ergonomical shape makes for easy handling to yield a perfect pedi result.

I have to say, I have loved using this for so long! It’s a great tool for moms to have and to use when they need it. It’s also a very good price. That’s one of the things I’m always asked about – prices!! This is extremely well priced and works like a charm! Definitely make sure you check out the video to see what you think!

Also – let me know! I would love to know your thoughts on this, too! I’ve had it now for awhile and I can’t say enough good things. I got my mom and my sister to invest in one too and they love theirs. Someone once asked me if they come in different colors and (to be real) I don’t know the answer to this question. I have the one in pink and I personally could only find that color when I bought mine.

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