Lupine ~ enjoy it with kids for its imaginative qualities!

Lupine ~ enjoy it with kids for its imaginative qualities!

The Lupine… both an ornamental garden plant and wild one too, the Lupine has an interesting name origin.   Lupine derives from the Latin lupinis or lupinum, meaning to have the nature of a wolf.  The Lupine has been called the wolf bean because wolves consume them, but the wolf reference may also come from the fact the Lupine ravages the land where it grows.

You decide!

The Lupine grows on long stems, commonly in clusters, with showy flowers in blues, rose-purples, pinks, whites and sometimes yellows.  The stems can grow to heights of 5 feet and beyond…

~ Lupine along the bike path near my home ~
~ Lupine along the bike path near my home ~

The Lupine bears seeds, or legumes, called Lupine beans.  The beans/peas appear after the flower has passed.  Culinary favorites using Lupine beans are popular all around the world.  (But, of course, no plant, flower or seed should be consumed by anyone without proper handling and cooking instructions.)

It’s been said that the Romans used flat Lupine seeds as money.

Kids love interesting tidbits about anything.  Take wonderful little moments to fill the heads of your kids and grandkids with fun things.  Find some Lupine in nature, on-line or in books.  Photograph the Lupine.  Draw pictures of the Lupine.  It’s a lovely and simple flower for kids to draw.  Go shopping for Lupine beans.  How about cooking up a Lupine recipe.  Why not take both real money and Lupine seed money to your market and see what happens!

The symbol of the Lupine is imagination.  How perfect is this?!

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