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Have you ever stopped to think about much stuff you would need to pack if you ever moved?

Every room – kitchen, living room, bedroom(s), bathroom(s), basement, garage, office, etc.- everything needs to be packed. For me, it’s a bit overwhelming to think of all those physical items that need to be wrapped, packed and boxed up! On top of it, just think about it… the boxes, the tape, the peanuts, bubble roll, the labels… all the packing supplies need to be purchased for your BIG move!

With May being National Moving Month, your neighborhood Staples is there to help you out.

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Staples offers a full suite of packaging products including bubble roll, boxes and packaging tape and marketing services to help you move and relocate in the most convenient, hassle free way. They have a broad selection of everything you need to move!

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I love knowing that I can head into one destination and find everything I need to make my move easier. I can’t tell you how daunting the task is to get your house ready for sale, placing it on the market, showing your house and then closing the deal – never mind what comes after! Looking around our house, I’m sure we would need about 100 boxes! I’m not kidding! With 5 kids, we have a TON of stuff that we need to bring to wherever we go next!

What I love in particular about my local Staples is that there is an aisle dedicated to moving products. Everything is right next to each other, there isn’t any hunting throughout Staples for everything you need. I love how they make it easy for the customer to come in, find everything and purchase fast! Can’t put a price on convenience!

Another perk that Staples has is their Print & Marketing Services for the creation of marketing materials. One thing we forgot to do when we moved to our present house 1 years ago was send out “We’ve Moved” cards! When the holidays rolled around that first year, I was bombarded with people needing our new address because they only had our NYC one. I won’t do that again! Staples has all the services you need to create what you desire to notify the world that you’ve moved, just head to You’ll see the full menu of services right there!

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Since we’re working with to sell our house and doing the selling process ourselves, I love that Staples can help me create brochures/signs/print-outs as we embark on our selling process. They have it all and the best part they have a staff on-hand to help you with everything.

Love that Staples is there to help make your move easy and hassle-free! So much going it’s the moving process, to have a place that makes everything easy-peasy for you is just – well, incredible!

Disclosure: Sponsored posting with Staples.

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