Priceless Red Sox Moments for my Children #RedSoxMoms

The Red Sox are part of who I am. I was born into a Red Sox LOVING family. Ever since I can remember – when the spring season rolls around, the Red Sox are front and center in my life. It’s honestly been like this throughout my life. When I moved to NYC after college, I still wore my Red Sox hat proudly. That’s devotion.

Now that I’m a mom of 5 and back living in Rhode Island… I love that the Red Sox have become part of my life with my husband (Pittsburgh born) and kids. When the Red Sox reached out to me to be part of their Red Sox Moms program I JUMPED at the opportunity! Being part of the Red Sox Moms program over the last couple of years has been amazing. I get access to information and programs that the Red Sox are part of and have the opportunity to head to a couple of games each season. I’m always amazing as to how much the Red Sox give back to the community, it’s pretty incredible getting to see a team you love doing so much good.

Tuesday night (May 10th, 2016) was my designated night to head to the Red Sox game this season! Honestly – I just randomly picked this night from a list of dates. Tuesdays are usually are easiest nights with after school activities, so it was a pretty easy go-to night for me. Tuesday afternoon I was getting everything ready for the game – grabbed all the Red Sox hats and tees and had Victoria’s bag packed! What I didn’t know was that it was — Happy ‪#‎PlayBall‬ Week at the Red Sox! They were celebrating kids and youth baseball all week at Fenway! I got an email from my Red Sox Moms contact asking me if the boys would be open to doing these 4 things:

Bat Kid — Assist the bat boy with pre game responsibilities
Kid DJ — Help TJ the DJ pick the first song of batting practice
Inning inside the Monster — Go in right after end of 4th inning, leave right after end 5th inning.
Kid PAA — Will announce all Red Sox hitters for bottom 5

My instant reaction?! UM. YES!

Since I know things can change all the time, I purposely didn’t tell the boys until we arrived at Fenway. The night was INCREDIBLE! Dreams kept going true for the boys and it brought me and my husband such happiness!

Here they were in action!

And… because I took a zillion photos, let me share some of my faves!

Thank you so much to the Red Sox Moms for making dreams come true Tuesday night.

I can’t thank you enough!

What a FUN and amazing night!!!

Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Red Sox.

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