101 Summer Activities for Kids

The summer is officially here! Are you ready for some Summer Activities for Kids!! Looking for things to do? I love sharing ideas with you guys! With 5 kids it’s important to make sure I have a full list of things to do with the kids. I don’t want to be standing around in the morning confused or saying the dreaded – “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TODAY?” question. I like to have things ready to rock and roll for them. I’m all about finding Summer Activities for Kids that will make them happy and me happy, too!

101 Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Activities for Kids

The summer is a time to relax and be present with your family and friends. You want to make sure that you know that memories are being made in the process. You want to keep in mind that summers are short, so embrace every single moment that you possibly can! I’m thrilled to be able to give you 101 Summer Activities for Kids.

Summer Activities for Kids

*These are in no particular order! So make sure you keep that in mind as you go through and highlight things that you can do with your kids! Open up your arms and get ready for the summer!

Lemonade Stand
Join a local Book Club
Water Park Trip
Swimming Lessons
Tennis Lessons
Art Camp
Theater Lessons
Join a Summer Swim Team
Bike Ride
Plant a Garden
Magic Show
Beach Trip
Camping in the Backyard
Nature Walk
Roller Blade Time
Build Sandcastles
Bubble Time
Make Bracelets – Rainbow Loom, Yarn, etc
Painting Party
Ceramic/Pottery Party
Make Ice Cream
Water Balloon Fight
Slip and Slide in the Backyard
Throw a Summer Sundae Party
Jump Roping
Try a Kite
Visit a Farmer’s Market
Visit a Butterfly Garden
Visit a Planetarium
Day Trip to a Close City
Visit a National Monument
Decorate T-shirts
Baking Day
Build a Fort in the Backyard
Tea Party
Go to a Baseball Game
Tie-Dye Fun
Free Classes at Home Depot
Mini Golf Time
Batting Cages
Arts & Crafts
Playground Time
Make Your Own Pizza Lunch
Visit a Circus
Outdoor Concert
Sign-up for a Child’s Road Race
Canoe time
Build or construct a Treehouse
Child Yoga
Instrument Lessons
Slumber Party Time
Watch a Sunset
Horseback Riding
Make a Music Video
Singing Lessons
Movie Night Outside
Play-Doh Time
Shopping Spree
Flashlight Tag
Paint Rocks
Have a Pen Pal
Put on a Neighborhood Play
Tennis Raquet Baseball
S’mores Time
Create an Obstacle Course
Splash/Spray Park
Sprinkler Time
YMCA Youth Camps
Plan a Block Party
Window Markers
Family Game Night
Makeover on your Best Friend
Homemade Popsicles
Diving Lessons
Glow in the Dark Tag
Hula Hooping
Egg Toss
Drive-in Movie
3-Legged Races
Camera Lessons
Start a Summer Journal
Dance when it Rains
Scavenger Hunt
Go on a Bug Hunt
Make your own Towel for the Pool
Create a Summer Club with your Friends
Chalk Time on the Street
Create a Parade for your Neighborhood
Trampoline Park
Car Wash

The summer isn’t all the time to embrace the moments!

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