Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre: 10 Reasons You’ll Want in Your Home

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre – I feel in love with Barre this past winter. I loved how it made my body feel. I loved how strong I became with it. I loved the peace it brought me. Introducing myself to Barre was truly one of the best decisions I made for myself because I just LOVE it to the core. Since I lead and live a pretty busy lifestyle, workouts are something I try my best to regularly fit in.

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

The easiest way for me to make sure I’m staying consistent is to do things at home. Heading to the gym, signing up for classes, working with a trainer – since my life is so unpredictable, it’s too difficult for me to do these things. For me, the only thing that works is carving time at home to get my workouts in. I’m thrilled to share my I love my Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre!

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

So how have I carved at Barre time at home?

Ultimate Fluidity Barre System.

Fluidity Bar At-Home is an at-home barre system that you can do at your leisure and it literally works for every shape and size because the unit can be adjusted to individual height for ideal body alignment. I’ve been using my Fluidity Bar Barre at-home for over 5 weeks now and it’s been working out great for me and my schedule.

What do I love about my Fluidity Bar?

Why do I suggest you look into bringing one into your home?

First off, I wanted to live with mine for awhile before I wrote anything about it. I wanted to make sure I really loved it and felt like I was truly benefiting from having it at home.

Believe me, I am.

Reasons why you need:

I thought it would be easier to share 10 Reasons Why Fluidity is Worth Checking out for YOU and YOUR home:

  1. It arrives fully assembled (thank you!!!!!) and only takes 5 steps to set it up. Fluidity Bar At-Home BarreLet’s put it this way, I didn’t need my husband to help me do anything! No tools involved. No heavy lifting. No instruction sheets to pour through. It was VERY easy set-up for me.
  2. I can move my Fluidity around wherever I want it to go! It’s been so gorgeous outside lately, I moved it to my deck a couple of days ago! It’s beautiful in the morning enjoying the sunshine and greenery around my yard. I love that I have the ability to bring it outside, inside, wherever I want!

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

3. You’re getting a tremendous workout for your body.

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

4. You can do it at your own pace and work slowly. You don’t need to rush or do moves that you don’t feel comfortable doing. I love the ease and flexibility it gives me in my at-home workouts.

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

5. The benefits for yourself are pretty incredible.

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

6. Right on the Fluidity site you can access online videos bringing you through different workouts. I love this because you can really see how to do things correctly and it allows you to mix your routine up when you want to! Very useful and helpful!

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

7. The package is $399.50 – you’re getting with that in addition to the system: The Ultimate Fluidity Barre System Includes: • Your Fluidity Barre with Mat • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced DVDs • Ball • Pump • Bands • Healthy Eating Guide. Classes at studios can get VERY pricey, so right away – you can tell that you’re saving money in the long run.

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

8. The system adjusts to your hip height effortlessly. I love that I can adjust so it fits me perfectly.

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

9. I love this additional option for Barre lovers at home, too! You can subscribe right on their site!

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

10. I love that I can be home with the kids while I’m doing something for myself. I love having them see me try the best I can to better myself.

Fluidity Bar At-Home Barre

As you can tell, it’s quite the system!

Again, all information is here.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, too!

*Sent to me by the company for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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