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Nothing makes me more happy than sitting with my daughter and playing with her hair. When I was in high school and college I used to love doing the hair of all my friends. I love curling, braiding, twisting, you name it… I tried it! Now I have my own little girl to do this with and I’m embracing it BIG TIME! My fave style for Victoria is the Easy Top Knot. It’s fast and quick to do and it’s super cute!

Easy Top Knot

Easy Top Knot

Goody hair sent me a gorgeous package of goodies (pun intended!) to play with for the girls in the McClelland household! I love Goody products, I’ve always used them. I have VERY thick hair, so their elastics have always been my go-to for any kind of up-dos. I opened my package on Facebook Live with Victoria and we had some fun seeing what was inside! The second I saw some easy items for an easy top knot, I was thrilled!

I grabbed my Top Knot package and went to hair town immediately on my daughter!! Victoria is a good little girl and sits for me. I’m telling you right now, I know I’m not a machine when it comes to hair for little girls. I’m learning as I go along. It’s not always easy for me, but I have a passion to learn and I’m dying to get more adventurous with the styles, too! It’s so cute seeing Victoria get excited!

Easy Top Knot Video Tutorial

I still can’t believe she sat there and let me brush her hair! That’s a HUGE FEAT within itself! I wasn’t prepared for how difficult it is to brush a little girl’s hair. Nobody told me that it can be brutal at times. You need the right brush and the right detangler spray. You need to make sure you have all the right hair tools for any style, never mind just for an easy top know.

Did you see how quick I did that Easy Top Knot? LOVE! It’s the cutest and most classic style ever! I love it so much. It looks so gorgeous and it’s so easy to do! I love that this look could easily be dressed up and dressed down. She’s so little that this style just screams CUTENESS from afar! It’s just the most adorable style and I’m so glad that I was able to share the tutorial with you so you could see up close and personal just how EASY it was to do!

Easy Style for Girls

See how much fun we have over at our house with Victoria’s hair! I love being able to share different stories and styles on the blog! Let me know if there’s any other styles you want me to try out on her hair, too! I love playing with her hair and sharing it online! Make sure you check our social channels, too!

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