5 Reasons Why You Need a Baby Monitor for your Nursery

September is Baby Safety Month. It’s an important time to stop and take stock of everything in your home (and in your life) that you have for your baby and make sure everything is safe. As a mom of 5 kids, I know that anything can happen in an instant. Part of motherhood means worrying about the safety of your child, too. It’s part of the course, but the good news is – there are ways to make sure you’re doing everything you can to make sure your baby is safe and sound at all times.

One of the best things we did for our children when they were all babies was to get a baby monitor for their nurseries. When William – my oldest – was a baby, the video monitors were just hitting the scene. I remember thinking how SMART it would be to have a baby monitor with the video component. Not only could you hear, but you could see your baby, too. It was one of the very first things we registered for back in 2004!

By the time I was pregnant with Victoria in 2013, I knew the must-haves for our life. I knew what I wanted and what we needed to make our lives easier and safe with her. The first thing on my list – a baby monitor. But! Not just ANY baby monitor, I wanted one that would really work with our busy lifestyle. One that would give me peace of mind. One that would allow me to breath easier at night. Even though she was my 5th child, the nerves and worry, they never go away! I needed to be able to see and hear Victoria at all times, even while I was away! I knew that would make me feel that all was well, but most important, I felt that it would keep her safe, too. Believe me, it worked.

Victoria’s 3 years old now… she’s my “big” girl, but she’ll always still be my baby. And… yes, I still have a baby monitor in her room because she’s a toddler and as we all know, toddlers are here, there and everywhere!


I’m ALWAYS asked to recommend a baby monitor for new moms and dads. I’m going to share with you one of my faves and tell you 5 reasons why you (absolutely!) need a baby monitor in your life for baby safety.

I really love Motorola’s Digital Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi® Internet Viewing, model: MBP854CONNECT to be specific.


Why do I love this one?

The Motorola MBP854CONNECT is a digital video baby monitor that enables you to keep an eye on things
while at home on the handheld parent unit and away on compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers.
Remote pan, tilt, and zoom ensures that you have the perfect view of your child, and the crystal clear two-way
audio allows you to communicate from another room. The free Hubble app allows you to receive sound,
motion, and temperature notications to your compatible viewing device so you can always stay connected to
what’s going on at home. The handheld monitor boasts a large 4.3” diagonal screen and is compatible with
micro-SD card for content storage and playback. With Motorola’s MBP854CONNECT, you’re free to watch
them dream from anywhere.


I love that I can see my child even when I’m NOT home! How amazing is that? If I’m away from work, I can still take a peek at my beautiful little girl! It’s easy. And most important, it allows me to know that everything is OK.

I mean, look at these features:

• Wireless Technology: 2.4 GHz FHSS
• 4.3″ Diagonal Color Screen
• Remote Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
• Touch Controls
• Room Temperature Display
• Two-Way Communication
• Infrared Night Vision
• Local Recording on SD Card (Memory Card
Not Included)
• Up to 1000ft Range**
• Out-of-Range Alert
• Sound Level Indicator
• Low Battery Alert
• 5 Lullabies
• Pair Up to 4 Baby Units (Model: MBP85CONNECT,
Sold Separately)
Additional Features with the Free Hubble Viewing App
• View on Compatible Smartphones, Tablets,
and Computers
• Remote HD (720p) Video Streaming***
• Free Sound, Motion, and Temperature Notications
• Free Manual Video Recording

So why a baby monitor? What is the safety behind having one?

  1. You’re able to check on your child repeatedly. This for me is the BIGGEST safety feature. If you want to see if they’re sleeping, you can. If you hear them crying and just want to make sure all is OK, you can. If you child is up and talking/moving around, you can check and see that everything is fine in there. You have the ability to have an extra set of eyes on your child whenever, wherever you are.
  2. If something happens to be wrong in the middle of the night or during nap time, you’ll be the first to see and hear it. You can be there in a nano-second. I’ll never forge the time Victoria caught the stomach bug from her brothers. I was able to hear and see her getting sick and be up there in a dash! I heard, I saw, I reacted. I love that I was able to do that and be there so quickly.
  3. With 2-way communication, you’re able to talk to your child and let them know all is alright. Safety wise, I love this because you can be “there” and they know it. I love the interaction piece of this feature and that it’s a wonderful way to make a child feel safe.
  4. You can (with this model) pair up to 4 units. That’s fantastic in terms of safety because you know you’re able to have access to more than just one unit with your child.
  5. Room temperature display. This is a good safety feature for your child, too. You’re able to see if the room is too cold, too warm or just right. I love this feature because it’s an added bonus when it comes to making sure your child is as perfect as possible during sleep time.

Definitely make sure you have a baby monitor for your child’s nursery. It’s such an important add-on to your child’s room. If you have any questions about what model or the different features, as always, please feel free to reach out to me.


Disclosure: Partnership with Motorola Baby Monitor. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. 9.29.16
    Catherine Sargent said:

    This looks like a great baby monitor. I really like that it has remote HD streaming.

  2. 9.29.16
    Jeanette said:

    I definitely would not have gone without a baby monitor in my sons bedroom. I would have never slept LOL. The baby monitor is worth it’s weight in gold.

  3. 9.29.16
    Tania said:

    Wow, that baby monitor is awesome! They give great peace of mind. I would use it with toddlers, too, to spy on them, lol!

  4. 9.29.16
    Sarah said:

    O I loved baby monitors, so helpful! This looks even better with the high tech that it is!

  5. 9.29.16

    This is really great – we are expecting our first and trying to think of what to buy/not buy. I told my husband that a baby monitor is ideal and he hesitated but then agreed. Will definitely show him this article to convince him even more!

  6. 9.29.16

    Today’s baby monitors really do have all the bells and whistles that yesterday’s did not. I love that this one even allows you to monitor the temperature in your child’s room so he doesn’t get too hot or cold.

  7. 9.29.16
    Meagan said:

    We have a monitor in both of my kids rooms, even though they aren’t technically babies anymore! It’s such a relief to be able to check on them without waking them up.

  8. 9.29.16

    I love this monitor!! It is so important to have one in the nursery!

  9. 9.29.16

    I had an older model of that same baby monitor when my kids were little. Loved it! So important and such a life saver to have.

  10. 9.30.16

    Baby monitors that allow you to see your child even when you are away from home are a wonderful idea. These types of things are great even when children are older and their nursery days are long gone.

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