Lubriderm is Perfect for Him and Her #BattleoftheMedicineCabinet

Believe it or not, I share an upstairs bathroom with 6 other people.

My husband.

My 4 sons.

And my daughter.

Yup… that’s a lot of people!


Our upstairs bathroom is big enough for 7 people to share, but it’s also 2 girls and 5 boys all in the same space. To say that I try to make sure everything is fairly unisex is an understatement (although, I went bold this past weekend and bought a coral colored shower curtain and shower mat!).  We’re actually in the process of renovating our master bath, but this process has been in motion for over a year (hoping to have it done by the spring!). It’s not an easy fix and… yes, I’ll still end up sharing a bathroom with my husband!

So basically what we have in the McClelland household is a total battle of the medicine cabinet!


Let’s face it, the bathroom is one of the busiest yet confined spaces in the home. I have products that I use and my husband has products that he uses. And to go a step further now, my sons have products they use (gels and colognes) and even my 3 year old daughter has specific products that she uses (say hello to every bath product that has princesses on it)! This is a simple fact that we just can’t get around. But, as most families know, when you co-habitate, it doesn’t take long for the “jointed” space to become overrun with wet towels, razors, half-empty shampoo bottles, shaving cream, tweezers, perfumes and colognes and just overall crazy product clutter. In most households, prime bathroom storage is a hot commodity with couples battling for space in the coveted medicine cabinet. I know in our house this is a “hot” spot and it’s where each of us wants to put all of our stuff. There’s just not enough room! We have so much stuff that our products that don’t fit in the medicine cabinet now find themselves displayed on the vanity in our bathroom. It’s CRAZY how much stuff we have there! We’re not alone, too – 1/2 of co-habitating Americans say they need more bathroom shelf space!  I found this stat funny (because I get it!!), 62% of co-habitating Americans would give up electronics for one month (such as Netflix, social media and their smartphones) to have an unlimited amount of bathroom shelf space.

I need this to change and change quickly! With back to school time here, I’m all about organizing and making my life easier. With that being said, I’ve got an easy solution for you and your family that I think will really help you out in the bathroom storage department.

What’s the fix?

Replace “his” and “her” items in your medicine cabinet with a reliable and efficient unisex solution that takes up less space.

Oh, yes, the perfect way to make everyone happy and make everything seamless!

Looking for a good example?

LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion is one simple, everyday solution for dry skin that is suitable for both him and her, and can help save on bathroom storage space.

How incredible does this space look?


LUBRIDERM is a tried & true product that effectively moisturizes skin for hours and is truly made for EVERYBODY, meaning the whole family can benefit because you won’t have a heaping supply of different lotions for each person of the family. I mean, who has time for space and time for that kind of bathroom chaos? It inspired me to take matters into my own hands at home.

My mother always had LUBRIDERM in our home while I was young. Everyone in my family has naturally dry skin, especially on our hands. She would always keep it on hand (no pun intended!) for us. I love carrying on that tradition in my family. Since I love to moisturize my hands, arms and legs (and even feet!) before bed, I’m getting everything I need from LUBRIDERM and my family can benefit, too. Even now, with the season change, I can see the cracks already on my hands. My knuckles are always the first to get that dryness. LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion is one simple solution to replenish and moisturize dry skin because it’s fortified with Vitamin B5 and skin essential moisturizers. What I personally love is that it’s non-greasy and it absorbs in seconds and is clinically shown to moisturizer for 24 hours. Honestly, I can see a difference in my hands overnight! It’s like a magic potion.


The LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture line includes four daily moisturizers designed to hydrate normal to dry skin:

  • LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion: Specially formulated, this lotion contains vitamin B5 and other skin essential moisturizers naturally found in healthy skin to improve the moisture barrier for visibly healthier skin. The lightweight formula helps relieve dry skin and prevents dryness from reoccurring throughout the day, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture with SPF 15 Lotion: A powerful two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen that hydrates skin with essential moisturizing ingredients, while providing broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection with an SPF 15. This clean non-greasy lotion is perfect for everyday use to achieve smoother, healthier-looking skin.
  • LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion for Sensitive Skin: Specially formulated for sensitive skin. This gentle moisturizer is 100% fragrance-free, dye-free and lanolin-free, which helps to protect dry, sensitive skin. The non-irritating formula creates a protective moisture barrier on the skin’s surface, leaving skin smooth, comfortable and protected.

Choose what best will fit the needs for you and your entire family!


And most important, you’ve solved the battle of the medicine closet for you and your family!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with LUBRIDERM. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. 9.9.16
    Lisa Jones said:

    I Remember Going Here As A Child I Loved It So Much To See & Do, So Much Fun!! I Love This Lotion Been Using Ever Since I Can Remember, GREAT PRODUCT!!

  2. 9.9.16

    Sharing the bathroom involves a daily race to see who can get to the door first, and there are going to be tears, depending on whose bladder is fullest. 🙂

    Actually, we do use Lubriderm, and it is great for everybody from my 1st grader to my wife whose skin is ultra-sensitive.

  3. 9.10.16
    Kerri said:

    I know how sharing a bathroom feels! With three girls, it seems like someone is always in there. We also love Lubriderm. It is the perfect solution for dry skin.

  4. 9.11.16
    Jennifer said:

    Lubriderm is my favorite lotion of all time. It’s always helped me keep my skin in order. And UGH on sharing a bathroom. It’s the worst! LOL

  5. 9.12.16
    Heidi said:

    Oh, my goodness! That’s a lot of people in one bathroom. (My hubby shared a bathroom with 7 sisters growing up, so he can totally relate!) Great solutions.

  6. 9.12.16

    I totally agree! We have never really had his and hers products, with the exception being products that onle one sex used like makeup, etc. Lubiderm is terrific, I have tried it and one of the nearby tattoo shops recommended it to me a couple of years back.

  7. 9.12.16
    Jacqui Odell said:

    I keep a bottle of lubriderm on my desk! It’s perfect during the winter.

  8. 9.12.16
    Kim Croisant said:

    We keep our cabinets full of this – it’s a great help to dry skin.

  9. 9.12.16
    Brandy said:

    This is such a great brand to try out for sure. They help keep skin super moisturized and I love using this brand for my sensitive skin kiddo!

  10. 9.12.16
    Ladena said:

    I agree! Lubriderm is a great lotion for the entire family! We always have a bottle kicking around. I really like the fragrance free version.

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