VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends® Enchanted Princess Palace #PerfectHolidayGiftforGirls

After having 4 sons in a row, as soon as our first daughter came along, everything in our house went from total boy to total girl! It was – for me – a welcoming change because I’m such a girly-girl. From the second Victoria was born, she’s been in love with anything princess! Her bedroom is top to bottom in different shades of pink. Her wardrobe is all pinks and purples and glitter and glam. And, of course, her toys are definitely princess themed, too!

I’m always on the hunt for fabulous toys to bring into our home for Victoria. Now that she’s 3 years old, she’s very into toys that she can engage with and have fun with all on her own. She has really fallen in love with Go! Go! Smart Friends® Enchanted Princess Palace™ by VTech®.


Image: Audrey McClelland


It is an absolute magical palace for a little girl! This incredible epic palace expands to more than four feet wide and has a variety of luxurious rooms, including a ballroom, music room, kitchen, parlor and observation tower. Oh, yes… your little one can explore each magical room and have so much fun with Princess Darla.


Image: Audrey McClelland



There are 2 sides of fun to explore, so the playtime with the Go! Go! Smart Friends® Enchanted Princess Palace™ is extra fun!  What I’ve loved is hearing Victoria make up little stories and play an enchanted make-believe. It’s so wonderful to see Victoria create a little magical world for herself and Princess Darla. I love seeing this fun and independent play happening. Not to mention, the learning skills, too. When you turn the clock hands (it was the 1st thing I tried!), it triggers music and responses. And the light-up buttons right in front play songs, teach colors and letters!


Image: Audrey McClelland




The most magical part for Victoria?


Image: Audrey McClelland




While exploring the palace with Princess Darla, your little one can place her on five MagicPoint® locations to experience her friendly personality, lights and more. The characters literally come to life! The first time Victoria realized that Princess Darla had a MagicPoint® in the palace, she jumped up… she couldn’t believe it. What a special and fun treat for her! Also, when Princess Darla sits at her MagicChat™ tea set table with a friend (important to note, additional characters sold separately), they will chat and sing with each other! Your child can easily join on in! As a parent I love that there are over 80 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. I know Victoria is learning while she plays and to me… that is priceless.


Princess Darla will become your child’s new little best friend while she plays. I personally can’t say enough good things about this fabulous Enchanted Princess Palace™. It’s been so much fun watching Victoria enjoy!


I’m excited to share that I have an awesome giveaway, too! To enter, answer this question in the comments below:


“What do you love when your child plays independently?”


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  1. 10.3.16
    Laura R said:

    I love watching her imagination come out while she’s playing alone. She can think up wonderful and funny things!

  2. 10.3.16
    Katrina J. said:

    I love her independent play so much. Her personality and humor start to come out. Its amazing to watch. And she is pretty funny, so its fun to laugh along.

  3. 10.4.16
    Wendy Jabkowski said:

    I love hearing the creative stories and conversations they come up with! I also love getting some time to get some work done too!

  4. 10.4.16
    Wendy Jabkowski said:
  5. 10.4.16

    I love watching the imagination working ,,seeing what she comes up with and loving watching that little brain working so beautifully

  6. 10.4.16
    heather said:

    I love listening to the kids make up conversations and voices when they play independently it is so cute.

  7. 10.4.16
    natasha lamoreux said:

    I love watching my kids play because I get to see how creative and fun they are.

  8. 10.4.16
    Natalie said:

    I love watching how my niece talks to her stuffed animals and gives them each a unique personality!

  9. 10.5.16
    Amy Tong said:

    I love that when they play independently because they can fulling explore and use their creativity. 🙂

    amy [at] uTry [dot] it

  10. 10.5.16
    Amy Tong said:
  11. 10.5.16
    Erika said:

    I love watching them play “kitchen”. They have huge imaginations. 🙂


  12. 10.5.16
    Mita said:

    I like watching them,how creative and fun they are.

  13. 10.6.16

    How wonderful! That toy looks like so much fun! I have to look into getting it for my nieces! This is a wonderful post.

  14. 10.6.16
    Jeanette said:

    I LOVE Vtech they have found a great way to show kids how to have fun and learn all at the same time! I love seeing what their imagination comes up with!

  15. 10.6.16
    Shauna said:

    Oh my… this is just awesome. We love Vtech toys. My kids always had a ton of them and loved them all. Vtech is such a cool company that offers great toys for kids.

  16. 10.6.16
    Meagan said:

    Oh my goodness, my daughter would die to have this princess palace! What more could a girl ever ask for?

  17. 10.6.16
    Stacie said:

    Any little girl would love to receive this as a gift. I love that while playing, they can learn too.

  18. 10.6.16
    Tara said:

    It has 80 songs included? Wow. That would definitely keep a child playing for hours. Interactive toys are great.

  19. 10.6.16
    Allison Swain said:

    I really enjoy seeing the way their imagination works and how creative they can get.
    Thank you for the chance to win!


  20. 10.6.16
    Ann Bacciaglia said:

    Vtech makes fantastic toys. My Daughter would have loved this when she was younger. It will be the perfect gift for my friends little one. She has a birthday coming up.

  21. 10.6.16

    I always loved when my kids played independently. I think it taught them how valuable alone time can be. My youngest son who is 35 (wow!) had an early V-Tech educational toy that he and his brother and sister loved. AND… we still have it. Now the grand kids play with it.

  22. 10.6.16

    What a great toy! Vtech has always made great toys.

  23. 10.6.16
    Kathy said:

    This looks like a wonderful toy. My girls would love to have this. I love Vtech! They always have such great products.

  24. 10.6.16
    Amy Desrosiers said:

    My little girls would love this castle too! It looks like such a blast for little girls!

  25. 10.6.16
    Liz Mays said:

    I like that they can learn while using their imagination. That’s a great toy, in my opinion.

  26. 10.7.16
    Brianne said:

    How sweet is this castle! My girls would flip over this. Definitely going on our holiday list!

  27. 10.7.16
    Emily said:

    This is a great castle! I bet my niece would love it!

  28. 10.8.16
    Lisa Brown said:

    I love watching their concentration and ability to figure things out, and be creative, while they play.

  29. 10.8.16
    Lisa Brown said:

    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  30. 10.8.16
    mami2jcn said:

    I love that they use their imagination and go into their own little worlds.

  31. 10.8.16
    mami2jcn said:


  32. 10.8.16
    Julie Wood said:

    I love the way that she plays by using her creativity to make characters come alive and she does a lot of talking when she is playing. It is so cute!

  33. 10.8.16
    Julie Wood said:


  34. 10.8.16
    Elena said:

    I love watching their imagination at work

  35. 10.8.16
    Elena said:


  36. 10.8.16
    Kelly D said:

    I like that my kids apply their real world experiences to their imaginative play. It helps them problem solve.

  37. 10.8.16
    Jessica Beard said:

    I love seeing my kids interact together by creatively coming up with a plan to design a Lego building or when they help each other solve a problem without mom’s help.

  38. 10.8.16
    Stephanie Phelps said:

    I love that she is using her imagination and just having a great time doing it!

  39. 10.8.16
    Stephanie Phelps said:
  40. 10.8.16
    Steve Weber said:

    It shows that they can be independant

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  41. 10.8.16
    Dawn M said:

    I like hearing them come up with situations and stories. If you listen its pretty amazing and amusing.

  42. 10.9.16

    When my daughter plays independently, I can see her imagination shine through 🙂

  43. 10.9.16
    shelly said:

    I love watching my daughters use their imaginations when they play independently. They also learn sharing.

  44. 10.10.16
    Cynthia C said:

    I lobe to see my nieces play independently and develop their imaginations and language skills.

  45. 10.10.16
    Jessie C. said:

    I love to see them be creative and having so much fun when my children play independently.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  46. 10.10.16
    Jessie C. said:


  47. 10.11.16

    I love to hear the things my daughter says, and the voices/tones she uses when she plays independently.

  48. 10.11.16
    Susan Smith said:

    I love to see them be creative and having fun playing by themselves. My son would spend hours in his room playing with his Legos.

  49. 10.13.16
    Denise L said:

    I love to see how their little brains work when they play independently. You usually realize they are picking up much more than you think they are.

  50. 10.13.16
    Kristen said:

    I love hearing the stories she makes up about what is going on with all the characters in her world.

  51. 10.15.16
    kjasus said:

    i love that my son can be imaginative and create any world, scenario, anything!

  52. 10.15.16
    Debbie B said:

    i like to listen to what my niece says when she plays independently

  53. 10.15.16
    Debbie B said:
  54. 10.16.16
    Margaret Smith said:

    I love when they are talking out loud and you hear them making believe. Especially when my daughter has her dolls talking to each other.
    Thanks so much.

  55. 10.16.16
    Margaret Smith said:
  56. 10.16.16
    OFG said:


  57. 10.16.16
    OFG said:

    I love watching his little mind at work coming up with complex scenarios.

  58. 10.17.16
    Tina M said:

    i love to see when my children play together.

  59. 10.20.16
    Anastasia said:

    I love when they find ways to have fun on their own and when they come to me with the new things they’ve discovered 🙂

  60. 10.22.16
    Elle said:

    I love watching their imagination run wild.

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