Bobux Shoes – the perfect “First Shoe”!

Bobux Shoes ~ the perfect “First Shoe”!

I am a very blessed and a very seasoned Grandma of 12 wonderful kids, ranging in age from 7 months to 16 years.

I have experienced so many, many memorable moments and rites of passage, from first smiles to first proms and everything in-between.

But there’s something, just something, something so magical about those first shoes!

And on New Year’s Day 2017, my youngest little blessing, Eve, experienced this rite of passage with a smile to out-dazzle even the brightest and greatest of celebrations…

Her First Shoes!

I know she was thinking, “These are mine? Seriously? Mine? I LOVE THEM!”

Even better, these First Shoes are the award winning Bobux brand, the first soft sole shoe with a genius elastic system that allows the shoes to go on easily and to stay on!

How many kids’ shoes have parents and/or grandparents twisted onto a crying child’s foot just to have them slip off and oftentimes be lost forever? Thousands? How about Millions!

Eve was so smitten with her Bobux shoes that she stood up with a little help from her Mama and her happy giggling even brought her older canine sibling, Jethro, to investigate…

(I think he wants a pair, too!)

And the fun did not stop! Eve decided it was time to take her Bobux for a nice crawl, maybe to discover the philosophy of these wonderfully light & comfy shoes…

Sure enough!

The very heart of the Bobux brand is the fact the barefoot is the best for a child’s foot development, and experts from around the world have worked to produce premium-quality Bobux shoes that allow a child’s foot to grow and function as naturally as bare feet.

So this is where the joy, the standing, the giggling, the curiosity of Jethro, the crawling, the exploring, the comfort, the discovery was coming from!

Well, all this and the fact that girls just wanna have fun in beautiful shoes and your shoes will always follow your heart!

Find Bobux shoes on Facebook at @BobuxUSA — Instagram at @BobuxUSA — and Twitter at @Bobux_usa !

*Disclosure: I was sent this pair of Bobux shoes to review and all of the words/opinions of wonder about these wonderful shoes are mine!














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  1. 1.5.17
    Jennifer said:

    OMG, those are too cute! I wish shoes like this had been around when my daughter was little. I absolutely ADORE these.

  2. 1.5.17
    Connie said:

    These are so cute! Where were these when my kids were babies?

  3. 1.5.17

    Oh goodness, those shoes are just too cute!

  4. 1.5.17
    Becky said:

    Those shoes are wicked cute! It looks like she enjoys and loves them too!

  5. 1.6.17
    Ben said:

    Those shoes look awesome. When my son was a baby, we got the best looking shoes we could find, but they were still pretty ugly. I wish these had been around.

  6. 1.7.17
    Marysa said:

    Those are so cute! I love the bare foot concept – perfect for little ones. I remember too how important it was to give them something non-slip to walk around in.

  7. 1.8.17
    ROsey said:

    Such a cutie pie. I like that they’re light and comfy.

  8. 1.8.17
    Scott said:

    You have it right, barefoot is best! But warm feet are important too, so these are a great solution!

  9. 1.9.17

    You are so right, there is something special about babies first shoes. Babies shoes are cute, even now they make me go awwww.

  10. 1.9.17
    Kim Croisant said:

    Oh I can see why you like these shoes. Perfect to learn to walk in. Love the color and style.

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