Daily Video: Christmas Morning with 5 Kids #LostFootageFoundThankGod

There’s one thing I can say without hesitation… I do a darn good job (along with my husband) shooting constant video of our family. Our kids will NEVER, EVER be without footage of their childhood. It’s something that makes me happy because I have FAILED MISERABLY at their baby books.

William has one filled out through 12 months, then Alex was born. We stopped at that point.

Horrible, I know.

We LOVE to video every holiday at home and this Christmas was no exception! Matt had the “good” camera and I had my iPhone. We thought the different angles would be fun. A few days after Christmas when I went to download all of Matt’s footage, we couldn’t find the camera card anywhere. We looked everywhere in the house, nothing. I was so bummed because I knew Matt got GREAT footage of the kids, but – honestly – what can you do. It was gone. I actually thought the card got tossed out with all the wrapping paper, etc.

Well – this morning, it was like hitting the JACKPOT! I found it in the kitchen behind some cookbooks! SUCCESS! So… as you can imagine, I can finally share our Christmas Morning Footage!

Enjoy and don’t mind my horrible morning voice!

Happy Holidays!

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