Wintertime Layering #PileItOn

If you live in New England right now all you’re seeing is white, fluffy snow. We’ve had over 16+ inches fall within the last week! As much as I’m not a huge fan of the wintery cold weather, it is very beautiful to walk outside and see a winter wonderland. Everything looks serene, beautiful and peaceful with snow everywhere.

My 5 kids can’t get enough of the wintertime in New England! Up till the last 2 weeks, we’ve had a very mild winter, but all that has changed! It’s cold right now and it’s just going to get colder over the next few weeks!

As you can imagine, you can’t go outside without layering up! The wintertime for me (and everybody that I know) means living in layers, be it a snow activity, social outing or going to work. You can’t go outside without having a turtleneck/sweater/pants/jacket/hat/gloves/boots on! My sons think it’s so funny, but I refuse to go outside without being bundled! They always joke that you can’t even tell it’s me outside because that’s how covered up and layered I will be in the winter.

The second the wintery cold hits my skin, it’s brutal especially right now during the worst part of winter. Temps are at their absolute lowest right now. Since our skin is the largest and most important layer to prioritize for care and protection, it’s extremely essential to make sure it’s protected. I have naturally very dry skin in the winter, so my hands (if they’re not protected) can really take a beating. If I don’t protect them, my skin will crack and split. I continuously need to make sure I’m staying on top of my skin during this time of year.

Lubriderm® is great for keeping your skin healthy and moisturized during cold, dry months. This winter (and as long as these temps stay cold, cold, cold!), make Lubriderm® the one-size-fits-all, first layer of defense against the wrath of winter that’s suitable for everyone. My 2 oldest sons (William and Alex) battle dry skin too, so it’s extra important for me to make sure we’re all covered during the winter months. Just like I make sure they’re not at the bus stop without a jacket/hat and gloves, I make sure they’re using Lubriderm® on their skin, too. I personally love Lubriderm®’s Advanced Therapy Lotion. It moisturizes skin for 24 hours, so you are able to apply it daily for layered protection against dry skin all winter long. Once it’s on in the morning for me and the boys I know it’s protecting for a full 24 hours. We’re CONSTANTLY on the go with school and swim team and just every other activity that we do, so I love knowing that it’s got us covered and helping to keep our skin healthy and moisturized all day long.

What can I say – it’s great to just pile on our skin!

So… as we head into more days of wintery cold, at least I know that our first layer has us covered and protected throughout the day! Thank you Lubriderm® for keeping our skin soft, smooth and healthy throughout these New England winters!

Stock up on Lubriderm® Advanced Therapy Lotion for the winter!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting with LUBRIDERM®. All opinions are 100% my own.



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  1. 2.23.17
    Jaime said:

    We keep Lubriderm in our house, though we’re having the opposite winter you’re experiencing! (Mild doesn’t begin to cover how warm our winter has been.) My son’s skin is so dry and I use Lubriderm on him year-round.

  2. 2.23.17
    Neely Moldovan said:

    Thats some crazy weather! Its going to be nearly 90 in Dallas today! Nuts!

  3. 2.23.17
    Divya said:

    I am dyingggggggggggg for another snow over here in eastern TN. I know I was opposed to the idea before, but I am really hoping for a REAL snow day!

  4. 2.23.17

    IT is 70 here in Va today. Not sure if we will get hit again with cold weather or have a horridly warm summer

  5. 2.23.17
    Liz Mays said:

    We rely on lubriderm for the winter too! It really does the trick! It’s crazy that it protects and moisturizes for so long.

  6. 2.23.17

    I am like you. I layer up when I go outside in the winter. I have so many layers on, I don’t walk, I wobble. Haha. Seriously though, I need to get a bottle (or two) of Lubriderm. It looks like something we really need to keep our skin healthy to survive the harsh winter cold.

  7. 2.23.17
    Jenn said:

    I grew up there so I know how brutal winters are! I remember using ton of lotion and Lubriderm was my first choice back then. Now living in FL I dont need it as much but always keep some in the house just in case.

  8. 2.23.17
    lisa said:

    Lotion is a must for me in the winter! We are getting snow as I type this so I will be lathering on extra thick tomorrow. PS: LOVE that coat!!

  9. 2.24.17

    One of my doctors read me the riot act recently that my legs were too dry. He said moisture is very important and that I needed to start using a good lotion.

  10. 2.24.17
    Audrey said:

    I remember how cold the winter can get in the Midwest, I went through tons of lotion there!! I love the mild winters in the Northwest! What a great way to protect your skin!

  11. 2.24.17
    Mary said:

    I lather that Lubriderm up during the winter months. Layers are the only way I survive during this time of year.

  12. 2.24.17
    Jacqui Odell said:

    My skin is so dry! I need to get a few bottles of these. I have tried just about everything.

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