When You Forget It’s St. Patrick’s Day: There’s Still Time to Redeem Yourself #ParentFail

I forgot today was St. Patrick’s Day.


The boys woke up excited to see if “Lucky” made our milk green. Granted – they all know “LUCKY” is really me.

I turned to my husband in bed and said, “OMG! I forgot!”

If you were like me this morning and need to make up for St. Patrick’s Day when the kids get home form school, here are 12 ideas for you to still do (don’t panic!):

1. Sprinkle Glitter along your walkway to the house (it will wash away with the first rain, don’t worry!)

2. Green Balloons. Always a safe bet. Tie them to the mailbox or spread them throughout the house.

3. Gold Coins under their pillows! Easy, peasy!

4. Green milk, there’s still time! Drop a few green food coloring drops into your milk. It’s LUCKY GREEN!

5. Corned beef and Cabbage for dinner. It’s a tradition!

6. Green Dye in your Toilet Water! My sons used to get the biggest kick out of this!

7. Change things up at home – move chairs/toys around and let them know that “silly Lucky the Leprechaun” moved things!

8. Buy Lucky Charms.

9. Fill their shoes with little candies!

10. Scavenger Hunt at home looking for Gold Coins.

11. Mint Chocolate Chip SHAKES!! GREEN POWER!!

12. Buy some GREEN Carnations! My Dad used to always do this for us!

You can always do some fun hairstyles on your kids, too!! If you’re into coming up with some fun hairstyles for St. Patrick’s Day, check out my round-up of St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles for Girls! This is an easy one to do!

If you love St. Patrick’s Day, here are extra and fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Kids.


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