Daily Video: Calling Out Daddy on a Man Cold AND Almost Back to Normal

Daily Video time! I love sharing these videos because it really is a sneak peek into our lives and I love looking back at them! So much fun for me! Victoria is FINALLY feeling better, the flu that hit her was a doozy! She was down for the count and it broke my heart. My husband was joking with her about having a man cold and she gave it right back to him – GO VICTORIA!

I’m just glad we’re almost all back to normal.

What sealed the deal for me was this photo. This photo may not look like a big deal to you, but this little girl had the flu for 5 days straight. High temp, ear infection, horrible cough, terrible congestion. She was a down for the count and as every mom knows, it breaks your heart. Last night she was finally better to grab a bite out to eat and discuss matching ponytails with Mommy. She wanted to be twins, so up the hair went! It’s a simple photo, but it touches my heart because she’s “back!”

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day! XO

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