Ruffle On The Bottom #50DressesforSpring

Fashion doesn’t stop for family travel!

Today I’m sharing one of my fave long dresses that I bought a few years ago at Target and have worn a bunch of times in the spring and summer. A little fun fact, it’s actually a fave of my husband’s!

Why do I love this dress?

One word… ruffle.

I adore the ruffle on the bottom! It’s such a HUGE trend right now, so I love being able to wear it again and be on trend (even though it’s “old”!). There’s just something about a long, flowy spring and summer dress. I’m not kidding, I stayed away from them for years because I felt – only being 5 feet – I would look silly. I always felt like they would “swim” on me and I would get lost! Fortunately — one day — I decided to try the “trend” and fell in love with the look. Yes, I’m short – but it’s nothing that TALL heels can’t fix (or my mom hemming a good 6 inches off the bottom!).

It’s just simple and sweet.

A great dress to wear to a neighborhood party, dinner out or just for the day!

Summer is coming… I can’t wait, but in the meantime, I’m dusting it off and wear it out!

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