Seasoned Grandma Tip #2: “Don’t Eat French Fries For Breakfast”

Seasoned Grandma Tip #2: “Don’t Eat French Fries For Breakfast” –

Eight years ago, Barry and I attended a lovely Grandparents’ Day at our granddaughter (our first grandchild) Taylor’s school. She was in 2nd grade back then, and it seems impossible to me that she is currently in the finishing months of her sophomore year of high school, building a wonderful resume of academic achievements and activities and already researching/visiting colleges!

I still remember that 2nd-grade morning as Taylor excitedly escorted us to her classes – science, Spanish, computer technology, reading/language arts, physical education, math, music – and the last stop of our tour, the cafeteria.

The cafeteria with the usual good, healthy stuff like salads, sandwiches, fruits & juices and yogurt.

And cookies, cakes and french fries.

What!?! The cafeteria clock was just about tipping to 10:30am -ish.

Taylor was delighted at our feigned surprise when she asked if she could have French Fries.

Basically, for breakfast.

Of course, we said, “Yes!”

We’re grandparents!

And as Taylor enjoyed her decadent breakfast of french fries, she and I talked about writing a little children’s story called Don’t Eat French Fries for Breakfast, making a list right then and there of all the things parents would disapprove for breakfast…

Well, I went home that day and using our scribbled notes, wrote this little verse for Taylor. She loved it.

It’s been sitting in a notebook of my writing, but I recently pulled it out and I’m having it illustrated for Taylor.

This little “ditty” will always be Taylor’s and this Grandma’s (and every grandparent’s) greatest secret:


Who invented

The parent list

Of breakfast things

That can’t be missed?

You know the list,

Oh, so well…

With its oatmeal,

And eggs,

And things that excel

In nutrients

And vitamins

From A to Z,

Like bananas, berries

Grains and seeds.

But why didn’t french fries

Make this list?

And what about cookies

With chocolate chips.

Or popcorn and ice cream,

Doritos and pie,

Or a bowlful of candy

Piled high.

Hey, wait just a minute…

There is a place

For breakfasts of french fries

And cookies

And cakes.

It’s a place that parents

Don’t know exists…

It’s a place without

Breakfast Rules and Lists.

“So where is this magical place?”

You ask,

“Where sticky and goo

Don’t flabbergast?”

It’s any place

Where Grandparents dwell,

Where anything goes

And french fries spell










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