8 Things to Always Do Before Bed

Years ago I was chatting with an organizational expert about strategies that I could do at home to make my life easier. Ironically (at the time) I only had William and Alexander, I was pregnant with Benjamin.

I was feeling very overwhelmed and just knew that every morning when I came downstairs I felt defeated before the day even began because my house was always in chaos!


Toys everywhere.

Dishes in the sink.

Laundry by the washing machine.

Papers scattered on the counters.

It would always make my skin crawl, every single morning.

I shared these frustrations with her and asked her what I could be doing to help streamline my mornings at home and make my house more organized.

I knew that with 2 toddlers the toys weren’t going away, especially with a new baby boy on the way! I just really had tossed my hands up in the air and wasn’t sure what to do!

She gave me advice that has lived with me and helped me throughout the years and I have tacked on a few things over the last 10 years, too!

AUdrey McClelland

Every single night before bed, she suggested to do these chores – regardless as to how tired I was feeling:

  1. Empty the sink. Put the dishes in the dishwasher or wash/rinse/dry. Never go to bed with a full sink of dishes.
  2. Always clear the counters and wipe them down. Even if you’re just stacking papers on top of each other. Organize, clear and wipe down.
  3. Do the same for your kitchen table, too. My table was always as bad as my counters!
  4. Always keep an empty laundry basket near the wash/dryer and transfer whatever is done or needs to be done into it. This way there aren’t any PILES lingering.
  5. Buy 2 or 3 (or however many you need) toy bins and before bed, all toys go inside the bins.

Home Office Credenza

Those are the 5 things that she recommended to me. I have followed this advice to a T throughout the years. If I happen to wake up to a sink full of dishes, I feel it – I feel it IMMEDIATELY!

Things to clean in your kitchen

Now – I have added on these 3 throughout the last few years because they work for me and my life, too.

  1. Always empty the coffee pot before I head up to bed. This way when I come down in the morning, it’s a fresh, clean pot!
  2. Remote always goes back to the SAME spot before I head upstairs. This way I’m not doing that “where is it” mad dash in the morning! And CHARGE ALL DEVICES!!

Beautiful kitchen counter

  1. Backpacks and lunch bags are all organized and ready for the morning! I HATE rushing around looking for thermoses in the morning! Everything MUST be organized before bed.

home office credenza

These 8 EAST strategies have helped immensely throughout the years. It’s been incredible to see that these “little” things can make such a HUGE difference! My advice to you, try these and share with me what works for you, too!

If you need more of a weekly cleaning list:



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