Our Cinco de Mayo Tradition with Red Geraniums

Our Cinco de Mayo Tradition with Red Geraniums ~

My husband Barry and I love Geraniums.

Especially Red Geraniums. We bust out the Red Geraniums each Cinco de Mayo to begin what we regard as the most festive, happy, fun, colorful time of year!

Barry loves the reminiscence of his childhood in a Portuguese neighborhood, and when we visited Portugal many, many years ago, we were mesmerized by the beauty and prominence of this glorious flower.

I remember Red Geraniums from a visit to Mexico when I was a child. Geraniums spilling from terracotta pots, pouring from wrought iron balconies, dancing from window boxes. I didn’t know the name of this flower way back then, but it stuck with me.

We also happen to live in Bristol, RI, a town in Rhode Island that is called “The Most Patriotic Town” in the United States. We begin celebrating the 4th of July here on Flag Day, June 14th, where American flags pop up and out of virtually every home and porch, and the colors and festivities continue leading up to July 4th with 2-full weeks of outdoor concerts, a town square carnival, a prominent red, white and blue 2.5-mile road stripe and a Parade that draws hundreds of thousands of people, “The Oldest 4th of July Parade” in the country, #232nd this year. We also have our own license plate!

Long story short, we use lots and lots and lots of RED, White & Blue in our outdoor decorations. Barry and I live on the famous parade route, so these colors are THE COLORS of choice for Barry and me from Cinco de Mayo and on.

RED Geraniums begin with us on Cinco de Mayo – this festive, brilliant color that celebrates Mexico and so many cultures, so many places, so many countries, so many flags from around the globe!

And for some added fun, the Geranium has a fun history. Derived from the Greek word geranós, meaning crane, the Geranium’s fruit capsule is thought to resemble a crane’s bill.  It’s been noted that the Geranium’s fruit is comprised of 5 grains and beaked. The Geranium also has lots of interesting nicknames, including Pinke Needle and Stork’s Bill along with the more common Crane’s Bill.

For centuries, the Geranium, with its reputed ability to balance hormones, has been regarded a charm of fertility and growth. The Geranium is feminine, ruled by Venus, and brings luck by colors – Red Geraniums strengthen health, Pink Geraniums are often used in love spells and White Geraniums increase fertility.


Geranium flowers, carried as amulets, are said to attract abundance and prosperity. The Geranium is also widely used in aromatherapy as a skin restorative and is especially known for its rejuvenating properties.

Wow.  The power of the the Geranium.

No wonder Barry and I are so attracted to this most brilliant, legendary flower in RED!

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO EVERYONE… and all the lovely, happy, fun, festive summer days to come!

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