Camping Packing List

Summer Camp is right around the corner! Are you ready for the Ultimate Summer Camp Packing Checklist?? Everyone needs a Camping Packing List. My kids will be attending a few camps this summer and we signed up months ago for them. Summer Camp is something that (most) kids get super excited about and can’t wait for each year.

Camping Packing List

Camping Packing List

I know my kids met a ton of kids last year at Basketball Camp. They had a blast meeting new people and spending the days doing something that they love. With Summer Camp comes PACKING. Oh, yes – packing for Summer Camp, especially overnight camp is something that can be overwhelming for parents.

Camping Packing List is something you need! I’m here to help! You don’t want to over pack, but you also want to make sure that they have everything that they need! I travel for work a ton, when I forget essential things… believe me, I feel it!

Camping Packing List

Camping Packing List 101

I’ve created a Summer Camping Packing List for you to help make the packing a lot less stressful and overwhelming. My advice is to print this out and keep it on hand for Summer Camp Packing.

  1. Shorts
  2. Tees
  3. Sweatshirt
  4. Sweatpants
  5. Jeans
  6. Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts
  7. Socks
  8. Underwear
  9. Hair Elastics (Girls)
  10. Hair Brush
  11. Toothbrush
  12. Toothpaste
  13. Shampoo
  14. Conditioner
  15. Soap
  16. Contacts (if needed)
  17. Contact Solution (if needed)
  18. Glasses (if needed)
  19. Swimsuit
  20. Towels for Swimming
  21. Towels for Bathing
  22. Flip Flops
  23. Sneakers
  24. Laundry Bag
  25. Laundry Detergent
  26. Deodorant
  27. Lotion
  28. Aloe Cream
  29. Sunscreen
  30. Flashlight
  31. Batteries
  32. Camera (if allowed)
  33. Paper/Pen for Letters
  34. Address Book
  35. Books
  36. Backpack for carting around
  37. Water Bottle
  38. Big Spray
  39. Lip Balm
  40. Bedding for Sleeover Camp
  41. Stuffed Animal/Blankets
  42. Photos of Family
  43. Umbrella
  44. Rain Gear
  45. Sunglasses
  46. Bandana
  47. Robe
  48. Pajamas
  49. Lunch Bag
  50. Labels for Clothing/Items
  51. Pillow
  52. Personal medications
  53. Razors (if needed)
  54. Goggles for Swimming
  55. Swim Cap (if needed)
  56. Basic First Aid Kit
  57. Tissues
  58. Watch
  59. Travel Alarm Clock
  60. Feminine Products (if needed)
  61. Extra Money for Emergencies

This is a master and ultimately long camping packing list, so pick and choose. Obviously it depends on how long your child will be gone for, but make sure he/she has everything that they need!

Happy Camping! Have some fun and be safe!

If you’re looking for specific camps, please look into Camp Kesem if you or someone you know could benefit from it.

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  1. 5.11.17
    Marcie W. said:

    My kids are really curious about summer camp and I think they are finally reaching the ages where I feel comfortable allowing them to have an actual (sleepaway) experience. This list is sure to come in handy!

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