Simple and Pretty Heart Hairstyle for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to think about and find some adorable and cute Valentine’s Day hairstyles. This simple and pretty heart hairstyle for Valentine’s Day is one of my faves and really is perfect for the fun holiday.

Simple and Pretty Heart Hairstyle for Valentine’s Day

simple and pretty heart hairstyle for valentine's day

The thing I love about this particular hairstyle is that you can do this at any age. It’s just sweet and pretty and just everything that you’d want for Valentine’s Day. I love doing this one on Victoria’s hair because it always comes out beautiful.

I know with Valentine’s Day (especially when you’re younger) it’s fun to dress up and really have some fun with hearts. It’s hearts, hearts and more hearts.

Hair Tutorial for a Simple Heart Hairstyle

simple and pretty heart hairstyle for valentine's day

What I love the most about this hairstyle is the simplicity. It just is easy to do and really is so perfect for Valentine’s Day.


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Essentially for this hairstyle, all you’re doing is taking the hair that’s half up and creating it into the shape of a heart. It’s that kind of simple.

I didn’t add a bow or ribbon to this simple and pretty heart hairstyle for Valentine’s Day, but you should! It would look so extra cute to do that!

Hair Products for this Hairstyle

Here’s what I love to use for this heart hairstyle.

Hair Products I Love to Use:

Here is what I used on this hairstyle.

Hair Ties

When you’re looking for hair ties, these are great ones for you to use. I love these because they’re super soft on the hair and really do a great job at holding hairstyles, but also not hurting or damaging the hair. I’ve been super impressed as to how strong these hair ties are, too. They really are amazing

Hair Elastics

These are the Teenitor hair elastics I’ve been using lately. I was recommended to use them and couldn’t wait to give them a try. Victoria’s hair is on the thicker side, so I need to make sure I have hair elastics that will hold the hair and be extra durable. I also want to make sure the hair elastics won’t damage or crease the hair.

best hair elastics

  • Strong and stretchy: The elastics are not so thin that they break when you try to stretch, but they are not so thick that you can’t stretch them properly. They have stayed in very fine, soft hair through days of gardening. Also, they slide off the braids when grabbed and pull off clean. No rolling and catching the hair to make knots.
  • Great deal: This is a great deal on 2000 pieces clear rubber elastic hair bands, enough for braiding different hairstyles. You can keep a couple dozen in your purse, another couple dozen in your gym bag, some in your car…you get the idea. Any time you realize you need a hair tie, you’ll have a stash.

The best part is that you get 2000 for under $7!

Buy them here.

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