66 Free Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday! I can you believe it, June is flying by so fast! My kids always want to get my husband a ton of gifts for Father’s Day, which is sweet – but can also get expensive! One year they wanted to get him a new car! You know – because cars are super cheap and easy to get! This year I said to them (all 5!) that I wanted to come up with some FREE Father’s Day gifts for my husband. My husband just loves to be with the kids on Father’s Day, what we do and what he gets are so secondary. But… I also like to make sure he’s pampered because he works so hard and he deserves it!!

Here are 62 Free Father’s Day Gift Ideas for your Father!

1) Handwritten letter/card from the kids.

2) Breakfast in bed.

3) Peace and quiet while he showers and shaves.

4) Collage of favorite photos.

5) Declare your love and appreciation to your DAD on Facebook!

6) Watch a movie together.

7) Play a board game together.

8) Find old notes and cards (from the you or kids) and create a scrapbook.

9) Picnic on the beach.

10) Create a scavenger hunt for your Dad around your house or neighborhood.

11) Clean the kitchen for Dad.

12) Clean the bathrooms for Dad.

13) Order all of his favorite foods and drinks and prepare.

14) Family walk around the neighborhood.

15) Massage.

16) Fold ALL the laundry and put it away for Dad.

17) Surprise Dad with changing the sheets before bedtime. It’s always a treat to sink into a freshly made bed!

18) “Happy Father’s Day” tweets throughout the day. ?

19) If you’re a blogger, create a beautiful post declaring your love and why you think he’s just a great Dad.

20) Do a chore around the house that you’ve been putting off forever! Always a bonus surprise! Paint a room. Put together that bookshelf.

21) Start a garden.

22) Give him time to just sit and read.

23) Give him time to just sit and catch up on sports.

24) Record his FAVE TV show for the week after Father’s Day and then surprise him with a marathon.

25) Do some gaming online together. 2 players games are the best!

26) If you have a pool and jacuzzi, enjoy a swim!

27) Build a fire and have s’mores!

28) Build a puzzle.

29) Play “50 Questions!”

30) Create a special movie montage of old movies and photos.

31) BINGO time!

32) Bake his fave cookies or cake.

33) Give him time to go workout.

34) Invite his closest friends over for a fun evening.

35) Depending upon the weather, croquet!

36) Bike Ride.

37) Always a great idea, create a message in a bottle for with messages that all of your kids have made.

38) Create a time capsule together.

39) Enjoy an evening of looking at the stars.

40) Tennis Match.

41) SLEEPING LATE is always the best gift!

42) Walk on the beach.

43) Fishing.

44) Fresh pot of coffee brewing as soon as he comes downstairs.

45) Clean the Grill.

46) Make delicious smoothies for afternoon snacks with all of Dad’s fave fruit.

47) Have the kids put paint on their hand and create hand print hearts with them.

48) Take a piece of chalk and declare your love for Dad on the street!

49) Create a Crossword Puzzle with all clues of things and places he would only know!

50) If you aren’t a big fan of Crossword Puzzles, create a Word Search Game.

51) Sticky notes around the house with little messages from the kids saying, “I love you!”

52) Put a little love note in his lunch or briefcase for Father’s Day.

53) Pick a bouquet of flowers for him.

54) Create ice cream sundaes at home!

55) If you have a newborn baby, let him have a full night’s sleep.

56) Create a coupon book of special things he can redeem.

57) Find beautiful Fatherhood quotes and write them down for him!

58) Match the bucket of socks. ?

59) Let him hold the remote all day.

60) Let him choose the music in the car all day.

61) Have a friend come over to cut his hair (for free).

62) Invite his father over and surprise both of them with a lunch or dinner together.

63) Mow the Lawn for Dad.

64) Basketball Game in the Yard.

65) Craft Project from Stuff about the House

66) Feet Up ALL Day

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