How to Pick the Perfect Preschool

Preschool is out for the summer! We found the Perfect Preschool for Victoria this year and it’s something that I just cherish.

I can’t believe how fast the year went by for her, it was fast forward motion from the 1st day of school to the last (which was on Friday)!

Victoria grew leaps and bounds this year at preschool.  The preschool we chose for her this past year is the same one that all 4 of her big brothers went to, too. There’s something very comforting and wonderful and peaceful for a parent to know that your child is in good hands, and that’s exactly how we felt sending her to preschool this year. To add to the extra comfort level, 2 teachers that all the boys had (and loved) are still there, too. They remember when I was pregnant with Victoria, so I knew she was (truly) going into the hands of extended family this past year.

I just remember this bright eyed little girl leaving for her 1st day of school in September…

she was excited and nervous and ready for the “big league!” I cried like a baby when we dropped her off, I mean… CRIED. LIKE. A. BABY. I couldn’t even drive! I know it hit me emotionally because I knew she would be our last McClelland child heading off to a first day of preschool, but also – she had never been around other kids other than her big brothers. I was nervous for her because I really was hoping she’d meet some good friends and that she’d be a good girl playing and (in all honesty) not being the center of attention! LOL! At home she’s the center of our universe, so I was nervous she would be wondering why everyone didn’t stop and give her a standing ovation when she did something good or funny!

Thankfully the year was a total success for Victoria.

She made girlfriends, which she’s obsessed with keeping in touch with over the summer.

She learned the alphabet!

She learned the first few letters of her name and can write them, too!

She learned how to be patient and be part of a class that works as a unit.

She enjoyed different activities and learned new things!

She played and met tons of other kids, too.

She learned how to be comfortable in the pool (there are swim lessons attached to our preschool!).

She learned so many wonderful lessons and ways to be in a school environment… things that I know will help her throughout so many different things this summer and (obviously) next year, too!

And then… before I knew what happened, we were on the last day! She grew so much this year! That little baby face from Day 1 is older…

I’m chatted with so many moms and dads throughout the years about picking the PERFECT preschool for their children. It’s not always easy, I know. You really need and want to feel that where you’re sending your child is the best place for him/her and for you, too.

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when Picking the Best Preschool for your Child:

  1. Find a place that you genuinely feel comfortable and at home with when you walk in.
  2. Talk to the teachers and ask questions. Ask what they’ll be learning. Ask what their daily routine will be. Ask… ask… ask away!
  3. Find out about snack time (especially if your child suffers from allergies).
  4. Find out about rest or nap time at school.
  5. Talk to other parents who have been through the preschool program and get their opinions on the school. Ask why they chose this one in particular.
  6. Ask the ages of the other kids in class, especially if it’s a blended program. I was always worried about the kids being too young.
  7. Ask about the ratio of teacher to students.
  8. Ask about safety – is the school on lock down till parent pick up? who is allowed to pick up? Get all the policies on that one for yourself.
  9. Find out about the different sessions and classes offered. Is it morning and afternoon? Do they have all day? Make sure you find out all of your options.
  10. Ask about extended day or early morning programs. Many times parents need to be at work by 8AM, so make sure you have the ability within your preschool to have that option. This is something that is crucial for many parents – early and extended day programs.

Most important – too – you want you child to LOVE where they go. Make sure you see how they’re doing by simply asking them and asking the teachers. You can always shadow your child for a little bit of time to see how they’re blending into the mix of things at school!

Happy searching! XO


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