MOVING UPDATE: It’s Getting Real

Moving Update: It’s GETTING REAL!

Today is June 27th, 2017… that means in about 3 weeks we have access to our NEW home! It’s still crazy to me that we’re moving out of our house. Even as I pack boxes and tuck things away, it still hasn’t truly hit me yet. I know that part will come, I’ve just been so busy trying to get everything done that I haven’t even had a moment to think about it.

I promised to update throughout the “adventure” because I want to chronicle this for our kids. It was funny thinking the other night that Victoria will most likely never remember this house. She won’t remember the pink stripes on her wall that we picked out before she was born. She won’t remember the gate that we installed for the kids (courtesy of Daddy!). She won’t remember the basement stairs that the boys used to ride down (and almost give me a heart attack!). There are lots and lots of things she won’t remember and that’s bittersweet to me. I know we will create a ton of memories in our new home, but this one… this one right here. It’s been the ONLY one our kids have known throughout their lives and that’s special.

As of today, we’re in the process of boxing. Last night we packed a full truck up of boxes and pretty much everything in my office. Seeing my office pack up wasn’t as emotional for me as I thought it would be. I actually think feeling that we’re under the gun is a good thing. I don’t have time to cry or stop and think. I just have time to pack and be done with a room… and move on!

Victoria and I shot a video together yesterday afternoon with a little update…

And yes, we completely packed up the office. All that is left in there right now is a desk and a few extra cubbies from my shelving unit. The floor in there will be redone over the next 2 days. Carpet is coming up and floors are being laid down! I have LOVE the color of that carpet since we had it installed, but keeping it clean has been ridiculously hard. I’m happy to see it go because the new owners would’ve hated keeping it clean!

I’m not kidding, all the little jobs we wanted to do for years, we’re CRASHING into one month. I should feel completely overwhelmed, but I’m more just matter of fact about it. It needs to get done, so we’re getting it done. It’s that simple.

I’ll update on the office once it’s done.

Next room to finish up, master bathroom!

I keep saying to myself… I will NOT freak out, I will NOT freak out, I will NOT freak out!

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