Seasoned Grandma Tip #13 ~ What’s Good for the Goslings is Good for the Grandma!

Seasoned Grandma Tip #13 ~ What’s Good for the Goslings is Good for the Grandma!

Pop-up and I have 12 grandkids, 4 girls and 8 boys spanning ages 1 – 16.

For these cherished children, we stock up for visits and overnights on foods and snacks such as yogurt and ice cream, whipped cream and cookies, juices of all kinds and lots of milk. We stockpile popcorn and popsicles, potato chips, pasta and peanut butter & jelly.

And more.

We have bins filled with balls and bats and racquets and bookcases filled with books.

And more.

And we also have bandages, because kids get boo-boos!

Not just the bandages that Pops and I had as kids, the one-size-fits-all beige-ish kind of bandages.

No, we have bandages of all sizes and shapes and durability and styles and COLORS!

It’s the colors that set the tone at Grandma & Pop-up’s house once all the wound, splinter, scrape or bruise cleansing and disinfecting is done.

Because COLOR is pretty cool!

So cool that I found myself “borrowing” a couple of bandages today from our grandkids’ stash to re-dress a little wound and 4 stitches from a bicycle “incident” (a story for another day) that happened to me yesterday.

Hey, what’s good for the goslings is good for the Grandma, yes?!

But what I didn’t realize was that I was inadvertently and completely unintentionally matching my bandages with my attire…

This boo-boo color-bandage fashion statement may just become part of my Grandma repertoire as my wound heals.

I wonder if the grandkids will follow suit, as in what’s good for the Grandma is good for the goslings?!?!





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