CONGRATS to my husband! The Backyard Food Company WINS Best Locally Made Food in RHODE ISLAND!

I need to give a shout out to my husband today on the blog! My husband co-owns The Backyard Food Company with his friend Louby. They have the best gourmet condiments in the world (and I’m NOT just saying that!). They have grown The Backyard Food Company incredibly well over the last few years… it started as a fun hobby between 2 friends and has skyrocketed into a company that sources its products to over 300+ stores in New England! It really is super exciting to see them grow and expand!

What do they offer?

Well, they started with their traditional Tomato Jam and then just expanded from there! They have relishes, jams, apple butter, salsas and pickles!

Here’s what I love about their success story and why I wanted to give them a shout out, I know how hard they work, but most important – I see the passion behind everything that they do! It’s INCREDIBLE to see. These are 2 guys that genuinely care and what to give people the best products ever. It’s wonderful to see them in action and really in their zone.

Even this morning – my husband’s up and out at 5AM for deliveries! It’s not easy, this I know… but they do it and they do it well.

I was THRILLED for them to see them win a Best of Rhode Island Award this past THURSDAY NIGHT!! You’re nominated by Rhode Islanders, so it’s always awesome to see their customers nominate them! You get word that you’ve won something, but you’re not sure what until you show up and accept your award!!

The 2 wives were on pins and needles!

Here we are waiting… !



Love you Matty for ALL you do for our family and your continued hard work with the Backyard Food Company! Here’s to success and growth!!

(You can buy online!)


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