Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk

FAMILY TRAVEL: Day Trip to Ocean City NJ – Ocean City, NJ is one of the best places to visit on the Jersey Shore! My husband used to travel there as a kid every single year with his family and he wanted to start the tradition with ours, too. Ocean City is a beautiful place to visit with your family because it’s perfectly family-friendly. The Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk is one of our fave places to explore. I remember being pregnant and walking the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk with them. I’ve enjoyed watching my kids visit each summer because they have their must-have stops and must-dos!

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

One of the big reasons why I love Ocean City NJ Boardwalk with my family is because it’s a dry-town, meaning no alcohol. So truly, you get that family-friendly atmosphere and environment and every there is part of a family. I love that! You feel like you’re going back in time to a simpler and easier way of life and it’s really nice.

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

What to Do Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

So what is there to do with your family while visiting Ocean City NJ Boardwalk? Easy! Tons!

Manco and Manco Pizza – This is a TOTAL MUST STOP for our family. We love the pizza and always devour 2 large cheese pizzas in seconds! It’s funny – my husband has been having this pizza as a little kid and it’s adorable watching him get so excited that his own sons love it, too!

Walk the Boardwalk – When the kids were little I remember walking with 2 double strollers! How times have changed! We were walking with our BIG GUYS this past Sunday and it made my heart ache a little. My little boys aren’t so little anymore!

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

Riding the Rides – THIS IS A MUST! As a matter of fact, we almost didn’t go to the amusement park this time around and the kids were so upset! The rides are the same kind of rides everywhere, but for some reason – they’re just extra special on the Shore!

Riding the WAVES – I’m a nervous wreck while they’re riding the waves, but they love it! There are SO MANY people in the water, so it’s tough to see the kids… so I have a trick for you – MATCHING SUITS or VIBRANT SUITS! I hate not seeing them in the water, but I’ll tell you what – the boys were in the water for hours riding waves and having a blast!

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

Building Sandcastles – This is one thing that ALL of my kids love to do!! I love watching them dig moats and castles and highest sand mountains or borrow themselves to look like mermaids! It’s adorable! And the best part? They work together!

Arcades – There’s the Amusement Park section, but there’s also these cute little arcades up and down the boardwalk, too! They’re always fun to pop into! The boys BEGGED us to play a few games while Victoria enjoyed a few “baby” rides!

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk is just a wonderful family vacation! It’s a perfect spot to visit for a day, a weekend or a week! We live about 5 hours away, so for us… it’s tough to do day trips regularly – but since we were driving through, it ONLY made sense! We highly recommend!!

We captured our day on video… enjoy! Here’s our day – Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

Take a trip to Ocean City, NJ!!

You’ll be so glad that you did!

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