I Love Winterberries, even during the Summer ~

I Love Winterberries, even during the Summer ~

The Winterberry is a lovely ornamental plant in the middle of the winter, its dense red berries coloring landscapes and gardens like brushes or polka-dots of bright red paint. The red berries also add decorative touches to window boxes and winter floral arrangements.

But the plant’s lovely green foliage and unripe green fruit during the summer months are very pretty, too.

This is why I love Winterberries. To me, it’s a year-round delight and surprise…


August Winterberries!

I first fell in love with the Winterberry many, many winters ago when one lone shrub of brilliant red caught my eye peeking from weeds and overgrowth adjacent to a parking lot where I worked. During our break, a colleague and I trudged that same day through that overgrowth in our winter coats and boots to take some of that beauty home.

We did this a few days in a row.

I was hooked.

The following winter, the brilliant berries were even more profuse and lovely. We had, in our very unorthodox way, pruned those Winterberries the previous year!

That season (no more trudging!), I bought Winterberry shrubs and planted them where my family and I could see them and watch them grow and thrive in our own gardens.

There is nothing quite like the brilliant red of the berries – distinct with color – against the white of snow and bare of winter.

A few summer seasons ago, I planted 3 female and 1 male (male to pollinate) Winterberries along the driveway of our new home and 2 females and 1 male on the side of our home that faces the most passersby in cars and those walking along the sidewalk…

Our 3 Girls along the driveway!


Male in foreground, no berries!
Side yard, all lush and green for summer – Winterberries in the mix!

I want everyone to enjoy the peaceful green Winterberry leaves and the green berries of summer.

I want everybody to enjoy the beautiful Winter Red reminders of love, strength, vigor, daring, power and creativity of the color Red in the middle of winter.

And Winterberries are also a food source for birds and squirrels!

I’m forever happy that I spotted those red jewels of color in that overgrowth of weeds so many years ago.

It’s these moments and these simple discoveries that create such Joy – a Joy to share and a Joy that never stops mesmerizing, season after season and year after year after year after year.











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