Mom Style: 3 Things To ALWAYS Borrow From Your Husband

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There’s this thing my husband does that always cracks me up. I’ll come down wearing one of this tees and he’ll shift his head to the side and ask my sons, “Have you seen my favorite white tee?” And then everyone laughs and looks at my outfit! It’s become a fashion family ritual when I “steal” Daddy’s tees!

Sometimes it’s just fun and super easy to raid your husband’s closet for some new “looks!”


Yup, you read that correctly.

Now believe me, I know it’s not always easy. As a matter of fact, my husband is 6’2″ and I’m 5 feet! So I really, really, really always need to really watch what I borrow. Obviously there are some items that are just totally and utterly off limits! 🙂

So what are some things to “borrow?”

3 Things To ALWAYS Borrow From Your Husband

Here are my recommendations for the top 3 Things To ALWAYS Borrow From Your Husband:

1. T-shirts.   Talk about the perfect sleepwear or just oversized fabulous tees ever! When it comes to wearing them for sleepwear… you have built in nightgowns/sleep-shirts without having to go out and buy any. Target sells sleep shirts for about $10 and let’s be real, it’s like wearing one of my husband’s tees. My husband LOVES Hanes white tees… so they’ve become my sleep wear throughout the years! AND! Oh, yes… oversized tees are in style right now. I love grabbing a pair of denim shorts or skinny jeans and wearing one of his tees with some chunky jewelry! Super cute and VERY easy!

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2. Button-downs… there are 2 things you can use his button-downs: beach cover-ups and maternity wear. Now make sure you’re grabbing ones that he doesn’t wear all the time or that are super, duper expensive! These are great to wear to the beach un-buttoned! Lightweight and super easy! Why pay a fortune for beach cover ups?? Also… you could wear his clothing for your maternity wardrobe! I know SO MANY women who have done this throughout the years!

3. Undies… LOL! Yes, I didn’t write that wrong! I’m sure you’re thinking – WHAT!?  This one may be a little more a stab in the dark, but you it’s a fun one! Easy sleep wear! Go on… try it!

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