Official! Our House is Listed! (PRAYING IT SELLS QUICK!)

If you have been following my blog for awhile now, you know we’ve been prepping our house for sale for a year and a half now. In January of 2016 we decided that we would start the forward motion of getting the house ready to be put on the market. We had a laundry list of things that we needed and wanted to do to it and (in all honesty) we knew it would take some time. These were not things you could do in a week!

I just looked back recently at our TO DO LIST from January 2016, are you ready for this?

Paint House – Exterior

Paint House – Interior

New Garage Door

Update Kitchen

Re-do Master Bath

Re-do Upstairs Bath

Finish Basement

And (as we all know) a list of odds and ends that need to get done, too.

This list exhausted me. It made me nervous and it stressed me out! I knew as much as I didn’t want to start banging through the list, I knew we HAD to do it if we wanted to sell and get a decent price.

Well… let me fast forward to present day!

That list above?

Everything is done.

I mean, everything.

We started a year and a half ago and then once we knew this was it, this needs to happen soon (about 8 weeks ago!), we went crazy on it and did everything. It took a little longer than expected because we hired outside help and their schedule isn’t exactly on our schedule, but it happened… everything got done and it’s UP. I need to absorb those words again… the listing is UP!

Check it out ————> here on ZILLOW.

So… if you know of anyone looking for a home in the Warwick, RI area – I’ve got a gem for you! The house will be 100% ready mid-week (around August 16th/17th). We have some odds and ends to finish up (re-doing the deck in the back… landscaper coming to finish… a few light fixtures and latches needed to be put up), but it’s done. The BIG projects are done and it feels good. My husband worked his tail off getting everything done, I’m so proud of him!

This house has served us well for the last 12 years. It’s brought so many wonderful things into our life… starting with Ben, Henry and Victoria. This house will forever hold a special place in my house because it’s where it ALL began for us. Our businesses started here. Our lives grew from here. We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and healthy days here. Whomever will buy this home is getting a home with good vibes… there’s lots and lots of good vibes here.

As sad as it is to say good-bye, it’s time.

And this home will be there to welcome in a new family!


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  1. 8.13.17
    kim said:

    Bury the st. Joseph statue! it worked for us. The house is so pretty!

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