Are you a “HeadNod”?

Are you a “HeadNod”?

Like, when nobody knows who you are?

You are unrecognizable?

Seriously, this is an interesting lifestyle.

HeadNods are an entire population. Under-the-radar. Underrated.

Primarily, Under-recognized.

HeadNods do not necessarily bemoan or begrudge their life status. It just IS. It just fits, in a weird sort of way.

HeadNods generally look like a lot of other people and often are asked questions such as, “Have we met before?” or “Do you have a sister {brother}?”

But HeadNods also have well-developed, highly refined senses of self and rarely, if ever, answer such questions in rude retorts such as, “Um. Yes. I just met you three minutes ago.” Or, “Are you freakin’ kidding? I eat here 4 times a week!” Or, “I’ve been in your company a dozen times!”

HeadNods often travel with, associate with, are married to or parents of people who are recognizable, and these life things make people particularly prone to the status of HeadNod.

Take me, for instance.

I not only (I guess) look like a lot of other people, but I am married to a man (albeit the most wonderful man in the world) whom not only leaves a positive imprint wherever he goes in social and business situations, altruistic endeavors, but looks like a famous actor, as well.

People remember him. People remember his name, too. People gravitate to his magnetism, his allure, his spirit. His look. He very naturally engages people. He carries the attractions that he most certainly was born with.

He is perfect. He really, really is.

I am his HeadNod.


I get it. I don’t feel badly about it. I understand it.

I’ve actually come to enjoy it. I could, in fact, live a life of crime because no-one could identify me!!!!!!!!

This is how it goes. Someone will call out across a restaurant or at a business or social gathering. My husband will shake hands, chat for a moment and say, “This is my wife, Sharon.”

That’s when I get the Head Nod.

You know the one. Fleeting eye contact.

Then the nod of the head.

And back to Barry.

Ah, ha!

Dissed. Dismissed. Checked off that list.

Someone’s wife. Someone’s husband. Someone’s parent. Someone’s friend.

Not mean-spirited.

Just the way it is.

A HeadNod!

A never-to-be-remembered name.

Plain and Simple.

I’ve been telling Barry for years, decades even, that I’m going to have shirts printed with my magnetism, allure, spirit, recognizability.

Make it real.

A thing.

A substantive thing!

 A HeadNod.

It’s real!

Really, really real!

And I totally get it!

HeadNods Unite, I say!

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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