Hemangioma Questions Answered from a Mom Going Through It

Victoria was born with a hemangioma on the right side of her head. We could tell immediately after she was born that something was there. What started as a little pink spot grew to a large red, raised pretty quickly. I didn’t know much about hemangiomas before Victoria had one. I knew what they looked like, but I didn’t know anything really about them. From the second the word HEMANGIOMA left my doctor’s mouth, I started researching them like crazy. I also tried to reach out to as many people as I could that I knew had gone through this with their children or themselves. What I found was that I was learning more and feeling more at ease talking with other families than I was reading information online over at wedmd.com or care.com or doing google searches. I felt so much better listening to the stories of other parents and hearing the progress from their own mouths. That’s when I decided very early on that I wanted to chronicle Victoria’s progress for ourselves and also other families. I figured what could be better than sharing my Hemangioma Questions Answered from a Mom Going Through It… I feel this is something I need to do and I need to share.

4 1/2 years later of doing this, the outreach has been incredible. I have received so many emails and messages and comments regarding Victoria’s progress from so many families going through the same thing. I vowed that I would continue because when I saw the sharing of our story help just one person, I knew that I wanted to pay it forward like the families before me did with the sharing of their stories, too.

Whenever I’ve done my hemangioma video updates, I’ve always brought Victoria in them so people can see first-hand how her hemangioma looks. Usually after I share a video I get a bunch of emails asking me specific questions about treatment and size and regression and anything else that pops up on a mom or dad’s radar. I thought it would be helpful to share this 20 minute video where I went through all my old emails and pulled about 6 of the most frequently asked questions I get from other moms and dads. I get a little emotional in this video, which I know every parent will understand… so please don’t mind that section. It’s still raw in my mind and it’s still tough to remember some parts that scared me early on with treating Victoria’s hemangioma.

As always – if you have any questions, please reach out to me.

My email: Audrey523 at mac dot com.

Have a wonderful day!

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