Ideas for Girl Play Dates

Ideas for Girl Play Dates, it’s something that’s been top of mind for me lately because my 4 year old daughter has been BEGGING me to have some friends over. After having 4 sons, I’m a little rusty at perfecting the “perfect” girl play date. Boys? Yes, boys I can do. I’ve pretty much spent my entire motherhood planning fun play dates for boys, but now I get to enjoy play dates for girls!

We’re in Pittsburgh this weekend with my family visiting my in-laws and their cousins. My 4 sons are much older than the little cousins, so it’s really Victoria having a blast because she has kids to play with that are her age AND girls! She has 2 girl cousins that are exactly her age, so she’s been in HEAVEN!! We tried to come up with some great ideas for the girls to do because they were all excited to be together. It’s been so cute seeing Victoria get excited about having girls to play with, so we wanted to make sure all the girls had the BEST TIME EVER!

We thought having a MAKEOVER PLAY DATE would be a total blast for these girls! They were OUT OF CONTROL excited! My sister in law showed up with a bin of makeup – eye shadow, blush, lipstick, nail polish, hair chalk. When I tell you that Victoria lost her mind (in a good way!), she lost her mind! All the girls sat for my sister in law and allowed her to make the over for over an hour! It was just the best for them ALL!!

Check out this video! This is the Ultimate Idea for a Girl Play Date:

Other Ideas for Girl Play Dates:

1. Manicure and Pedicure set-up
2. Princess Time! Dress Up in Princess Costumes
3. Super Hero Time! Dress Up like Super Heroes
4. Tea Party
5. Baking Party – Cupcake Baking
6. Obstacle Course Time – Create a Fun Obstacle Course
7. Doll Party – Everyone brings a doll to play with
8. Movie Afternoon – Watch some FUN Movies
9. Crafting Party

So much fun for everyone!!!

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