Back to School Shopping is something that I LOVE to do with my 5 kids! I’m not kidding, I actually get excited about Back to School shopping! This year I have 5 kids heading Back to School – William will be heading to 8th grade, Alex heading to 7th, Ben heading to 6th, Henry heading to 5th and Victoria heading to Kindergarten! It’s crazy for me – all 5 – in school!

I’m trying my best to get special things for every child before school starts. Everyone loves different things and has different styles, so the shopping is always fun. I recently went to Marshalls to grab a few items for the kids. I wanted to grab each of them something special that really embodied their style. I had some fun discovering some items (ahem Vineyard Vines!) that I didn’t know Marshalls carried! I was thrilled to see my fave brand there!

My sons are sporty and love clothing that they can run, jump and just be total boys in! They also love to dress up a little, OK… maybe just my oldest son, William! But in any case, I was able to grab some great dressy items for him, too.

Now my daughter? She’s all about the pink and glitter and glam! She’s obsessed with anything that sparkles, so being in Marshalls with her – she wanted everything in the cart! It was adorable. After having 4 sons, I really do love having my little girl with me because she’s girly girl and I love seeing her pink passion!

I decided to SURPRISE the boys with my Marshalls surprises!



Giveaway: Marshalls $50 Gift Card


Score some great finds for back to school!

Clothes, shoes, accessories, bedding, journals, etc!!!

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  1. 8.15.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    Fall clothing and shoes are at the top of my list!

  2. 8.15.18
    Natalie said:

    I need warmer clothes for fall and a new bag for back to school!

  3. 8.15.18
    Will G said:


  4. 8.15.18
    Denise M said:

    Always shoes- they always need new shoes it seems

  5. 8.15.18
    Calvin said:

    New pants and shorts!

  6. 8.15.18
    Daniel M said:

    need pants and shirts

  7. 8.15.18
    Kim Pincombe-Cole said:

    Everyone needs denim for Fall & back-to-school in my house! And shoes!!

  8. 8.16.18
    Chelsea said:

    A roomy backpack and a cooling lunch box

  9. 8.16.18
    Vickie Couturier said:

    backpacks and shoes seem to be the most needed this year with the grandkids

  10. 8.16.18
    Laura Rubenstein said:

    We always need a new backpack and shoes!

  11. 8.17.18
    Katie G said:

    I need new clothes! I’ve been trying to revamp my wardrobe for back to school.

  12. 8.17.18
    Linda Madden said:

    My granddaughter needs school clothes.

  13. 8.17.18
    Elena said:

    I need to get new running shoes for my son

  14. 8.17.18
    Rajee Pandi said:

    love to buy fall clothes

  15. 8.18.18
    Geri Sandoval said:

    My granddaughter needs shoes and pants. She’s in 9th grade this year, first year in high school.

  16. 8.18.18
    Starla said:

    It seems that shoes are always in major demand in the house and also gym clothese!

  17. 8.19.18
    caroline m. said:

    a backpack and lunch bag for my son

  18. 8.19.18
    TammyLyne said:

    my daughter needs everything, we havent begun but top of my list is a new warm coat for her

  19. 8.19.18
    Abigail Gibson said:

    My nephew needs his backpack the most for school.

  20. 8.20.18
    Stephanie Liske said:

    We need everything!! Backpack, notebooks, etc.

  21. 8.20.18
    kathy Persons said:

    New shoes and t shirts

  22. 8.20.18
    Adrienne Gordon said:

    Usually clothes.

  23. 8.20.18
    Sandy Klocinski said:

    I know longer have kids in school but notebook paper and notebooks were always at the top of the list

  24. 8.20.18
    Bryan Vice said:

    We need some back to school shoes for my daughter and more pants for the fall

  25. 8.20.18
    Julie murphy said:

    Shoes always shoes.

  26. 8.20.18
    Tari Lawson said:

    I need a pair of brown flats for work.

  27. 8.20.18
    Jessica Miller said:

    I need jeans and sweaters for fall

  28. 8.20.18
    Kelly D said:

    My kids need new sneakers for back to school.

  29. 8.20.18
    Melissa C said:

    My 4 kids could use some new shoes!

  30. 8.20.18
    Linda K said:

    Our need is fall jackets and sweaters.

  31. 8.20.18
    Barrie said:

    Items for a dorm apartment! She has one roommate and a no-shared room. We need kitchen items as well as items for her bedroom.

  32. 8.20.18
    Cheryl Chervitz said:

    I always needed socks and underwear and jeans for back to school.

  33. 8.20.18
    Cynthia C said:

    Some new fall tops are on my list.

  34. 8.20.18
    Rita Leonard said:

    Clothes, jackets and new shoes are on my list

  35. 8.20.18
    Bella Martinez said:

    For our household, it’s always shoes and clothes that are a MUST!

  36. 8.20.18
    shannon fowler said:

    Clothes is definitely the number one thing we always end up looking for this time of the year.

  37. 8.20.18
    Erin N said:

    I definitely need to go shopping for new shoes and coats for the family!

  38. 8.20.18
    Donna Dennis said:

    I need a new fall blouse with great rich fall colors.

  39. 8.20.18
    heather s said:

    New tops and leggings

  40. 8.20.18
    ELIZABETH C. said:

    I need clothing for the fall & definately some shoes/sneakers.

  41. 8.20.18
    Jenna P said:

    Some Fall clothes. My wardrobe currently consists of only tank tops!

  42. 8.20.18
    Nicole Lancaster said:

    I need t-shirts and socks I need the most during back to school time.

  43. 8.20.18
    Pam Halligan said:

    I most need a computer so kids can do school work at home.

  44. 8.20.18
    Kelly Hanley said:

    fall/winter clothes!

  45. 8.20.18
    Crystal F said:

    My youngest daughter could use some PE clothes. Thank you!

  46. 8.20.18
    Linda G said:

    I need shoes for the fall and some slacks

  47. 8.20.18
    Donna L said:

    I would love a new pair of sneakers and socks.

  48. 8.20.18
    Anne Higgins said:

    Shorts and tops

  49. 8.20.18
    Ashley C said:

    My son needs shoes!

  50. 8.20.18
    Debbie Erickson said:

    Always shoes!

  51. 8.20.18
    Susan Christy said:

    Shoes, jeans and winter coats.

  52. 8.21.18
    Tandi Cortez said:

    We always need lots of polo shirts!

  53. 8.21.18
    Danielle Day said:

    Some shoes and clothing.

  54. 8.21.18
    Linda Lombardi said:

    New shoes.

  55. 8.21.18
    Derek Miller said:

    Our family always needs new shirts and pants. Our boy grows and grows and grows.

  56. 8.21.18

    i need backpacks for back to school

  57. 8.21.18
    sylvia said:

    I still need clothes and shoes for my kiddos

  58. 8.21.18
    Theresa D said:

    We need to pick up new sneakers and some new jeans.

  59. 8.21.18
    Kayla S said:

    I always need socks.

  60. 8.21.18
    Denise Sachs said:

    We need lots of new jeans.

  61. 8.21.18
    mami2jcn said:

    We need leggings.

  62. 8.21.18
    Heather Kelly said:

    I personally need cotton pants for work! I’m going to be working in the cafeteria at my children’s school!

  63. 8.21.18
    Azeem Isaahaque said:

    I need clothes the most for back to school

  64. 8.21.18
    Christie l said:

    New shoes and pants

  65. 8.21.18
    Antoinette M said:

    I need clothing.

  66. 8.21.18
    McKim said:

    New blue jeans for my grandson.

  67. 8.21.18
    Holly C. said:

    I buy fall and winter coats, shoes and boots for my grandchildren.

  68. 8.21.18
    barbg said:

    I would get some new tops or blouses for everyday wear.

  69. 8.21.18
    Luna S said:

    Clothing, shoes and a backpack if the one from the year before is no longer good.

  70. 8.21.18
    ken ohl said:

    my little niece says she needs some fashionable school clothes

  71. 8.21.18
    Ronda Patrick said:

    Need some new shoes for a son that is growing like a weed!

  72. 8.21.18
    gaynell smith said:

    I would buy winter coats, boots for my grandbabies.

  73. 8.21.18
    Linda Lansford said:

    Need shoes the most

  74. 8.21.18
    Casandra LaMonaca said:

    Kids are constantly growing so buying clothes is always needed.

  75. 8.21.18

    I’m pregnant so I don’t need it for back to school shopping but it would be helpful to buy useful baby items. Due in October

  76. 8.21.18
    Claire McKeon said:

    My kids are grown, but I always feel a sense of renewal this time of year and I am feeling the need to ORGANIZE closets, hang pictures I have been meaning to hang, paint my bedroom, set up a vanity situation and I need stuff to help me accomplish these goals.

  77. 8.21.18
    Davina said:

    Shoes and socks and needed most!

  78. 8.21.18
    Racheal said:

    Pencils and printer paper – can never have enough!

  79. 8.21.18
    Jennifer Reed said:

    We always need sneakers and hoodies the most for back to school. That is what my kids live in.

  80. 8.21.18
    jennifer cervantes said:

    Shoes and clothes for the kids are always needed.

  81. 8.21.18
    Ed said:

    Scented markers. Seriously.

  82. 8.21.18
    Donna Jacoby said:

    Clothes are most needed now. Thank you for the giveaway!

  83. 8.21.18
    Jennifer Harriman said:

    We need plenty of leggins, socks, and jeans. For some reason those are always going missing around here!

  84. 8.21.18
    Leslie Davis said:


  85. 8.21.18
    Chrystal D said:

    I need a new laptop

  86. 8.21.18
    Leela said:

    We’re currently shopping for a laptop, composition books and clothes.

  87. 8.21.18
    Michelle H. said:

    I think the kids will need clothes for the cooler weather.

  88. 8.21.18
    Lisa V. said:

    My granddaughter is growing like a weed and can always use more clothes.

  89. 8.21.18
    MaryAnn said:

    My kids need clothes for back to school most.

  90. 8.21.18
    Kobi Carpenter said:

    a new computer…our laptop has been dropped to many times 🙁

  91. 8.21.18
    Brittany said:

    I need so,e boy clothes for my son.

  92. 8.21.18
    Kayla klontz said:

    We mostly need polos!

  93. 8.22.18
    Ashley B said:

    Clothes for the kids! And sweatpants for me for the bus stop haha

  94. 8.22.18
    Rosanne said:

    I need a winter coat

  95. 8.22.18
    Michelle Martinez said:

    What I need to buy most is fall apparel. My kid outgrows his clothes way more than one a year.

  96. 8.22.18
    Erin M said:

    My son grew a lot over the summer so he needs new pants.

  97. 8.22.18
    Cynthia A Schmied said:

    Socks and undies are our pressing needs. Always seem to wear out fast!

  98. 8.22.18
    Christina said:

    A real-time shared calendar across the family. And patience!

  99. 8.22.18
    ae minx said:

    A child that’s willing to go.. yeesh.. this kid is killing me..

  100. 8.22.18
    clynsg said:

    The kindergartner outgrew everything over the summer, so a complete new wardrobe is necessary for her.

  101. 8.22.18
    laura bernard said:


  102. 8.22.18
    Nathan Bahn said:

    Does coffee count as an answer 😛

  103. 8.22.18
    Danielle Wood said:

    My kids need shoes for back to school more than anything else

  104. 8.22.18
    donna porter said:

    I would say the most needed for back to school is sneakers. I have the supplies covered.

  105. 8.22.18
    Gina Ferrell said:

    I need new shoes and socks for back to school.

  106. 8.22.18
    Shelly Solease said:

    I need a helping hand!

  107. 8.22.18
    Tracy Shafer said:

    We need a new backpack!

  108. 8.22.18
    Kayley said:

    New socks are always good.

  109. 8.22.18
    Jennifer B said:

    Jeans and shoes …everything really, but those are most important

  110. 8.22.18
    Kelly Kimmell said:

    My daughter needs more pants and jeans.

  111. 8.22.18
    Janine Hwang said:

    We néed shoes

  112. 8.22.18
    Darlene Carbajal said:


  113. 8.22.18
    Jessica W. said:

    I need shoes for my daughter for the school year.

  114. 8.22.18
    K. S. Lyons said:

    Shoes for sure

  115. 8.22.18
    kathy pease said:

    Those days are over for me because my kids are all grown but clothes were always first on my list

  116. 8.22.18
    K. Lyons said:

    Shoes but also underwear.

  117. 8.22.18
    Leah Shumack said:

    My daughter really needs new sneakers before back to school time!

  118. 8.22.18
    paige chandler said:

    I need to get my son a new backpack and sneakers

  119. 8.22.18
    Mary Cloud said:

    Seriously, more money because back to school is expensive but my son could use some more pants for school.

  120. 8.22.18
    Lisa said:

    I need new sneakers.

  121. 8.22.18
    Sarah Cool said:

    Shoes are always needed in my house!

  122. 8.22.18
    latanya said:

    my son needs some shorts

  123. 8.22.18

    Some new clothes and a little notebook for daily notes.

  124. 8.22.18
    Susan Smith said:

    My daughter needs shoes and jeans.

  125. 8.22.18
    Robin M said:

    Socks! Always!

  126. 8.22.18
    Wendy R. said:

    We are searching for shoes!

  127. 8.22.18
    Rachel said:

    My kids need clothes they have grown out of all of the ones they have and backpacks

  128. 8.22.18
    Lyndsey R. said:

    Mostly uniform polo shirts and khaki pants.

  129. 8.22.18
    Kristin McCall said:

    New clothes is what my household needs the most for back to school this year.

  130. 8.22.18
    HilLesha said:


  131. 8.22.18
    Trisha Musgrave said:

    We need new shoes the most!

  132. 8.22.18
    Kelsey Vinson said:

    Belts for my smallest. She started preschool and her 4t shorts and pants are falling off.

  133. 8.22.18
    Diane said:

    New jeans are what we need most

  134. 8.22.18
    Mary Ann Lau said:

    I need new pants since I gained a little weight over the past year.

  135. 8.22.18
    Cassandra D said:

    The books.

  136. 8.22.18

    sounds silly but the kids need socks !

    thanks ! xoxoxo

  137. 8.22.18
    Audrey Stewart said:

    One of the kids still need a new backpack.

  138. 8.22.18
    Kelli A said:

    Shoes and cool socks!

  139. 8.22.18
    Breanne said:

    I need shoes.

  140. 8.22.18
    Anita Anderson-Fonteboa said:

    I look forward to back to school as I love clothes shopping.

  141. 8.22.18
    Trisha McKee said:

    We definitely need jeans the most. Oh and some shoes.

  142. 8.22.18
    Buddy Garrett said:

    We need new sneakers.

  143. 8.22.18
    BRYAN E. said:

    Our daughter would like jeans & sweaters for BTS !!!

  144. 8.22.18
    Diana said:

    I mostly need a planner to organize my whole year!

  145. 8.22.18

    Some new jeans! Mine are so old. Thanks and God Bless!

  146. 8.22.18
    AEKZ2 said:

    My daughter would love some new jeans

  147. 8.22.18
    Stephanie Grant said:

    My little one needs new pants, he has outgrown just about all of the ones he has.

  148. 8.22.18
    Jacob Bray said:

    I could really use some new shoes or shirts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  149. 8.22.18
    Sand said:

    Backpack, lunchbox, supplies and new clothes.

  150. 8.22.18
    Breanna Pollard said:


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