What to Wear to Play Tennis: Tennis Twinning

What to Wear to Play Tennis: Tennis Twinning

I’m all about trying new things this year – tennis being one of them! My daughter started lessons this summer, so I thought – why not try myself, too! She was always so excited to head down to the courts, but one of the best parts for her was wearing the “perfect” outfit! She loved wearing her little tennis skirt! This past weekend I headed to Target with her to look for some new tennis stuff and couldn’t resist a Tennis Twinning outfit set!

What to Wear to Play Tennis

My best kept secret for serious Twinning with your Daughter?


A GIRLS LARGE is the equivalent of a WOMENS SMALL.

A GIRLS XL-XXL is the equivalent to a WOMENS MEDIUM.

Of course you need to try things on to make sure, but I will say… I’ve had the best luck dressing like this with Victoria for the last 6 months!

What to Wear to Play Tennis

Now… what should you wear when you play tennis?

1. Clothing that you can run in. You want to make sure nothing is too binding, you want to make sure it’s clothing that you can dash, run, pivot and jump in!

2. Breathable clothing is a MUST, too! You’ll be sweating, I can assure you of that – so make sure the clothing you have on is lightweight and breathable fabric.

3. Stay away from spandex. Spandex isn’t going to be comfortable to play in when you’re doing tennis. I would actually sway towards tennis skirts with built in shorts underneath. This will be the comfiest for you.

What to Wear to Play Tennis

We had some fun twinning it for our game! We got our clothing at Target – GIRLS department. Feeling stylish, comfortable and cozy! Oh! And ready to smash the ball!

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  1. 8.15.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    Such cute outfits and look perfect for tennis. We love shopping at Target too!

  2. 8.15.18
    Natalie said:

    This matching outfit is adorable! It works well on both adults and kids!

  3. 8.17.18
    vickie couturier said:

    you two are just too cute for words,,love the matching outfits,,i used to do this with my daughter when she was little too

  4. 8.20.18
    shannon fowler said:

    These are adorable outfits! I love wearing tennis skirts even when I am just doing other activities.

  5. 8.22.18
    donna porter said:

    Your outfits look so adorable. It is amazing how much she looks like her mommy!

  6. 8.22.18
    Cassandra D said:

    I like the matching outfits. So cool.

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