You know I love a good GIVEAWAY! I’ve been gone for 2 weeks straight and I’m finally glad to be home and working again! I have had a full day catching up on my emails and my photos and my videos! I also love being home and getting to work IN my jammies half the day! There’s nothing like waking up – tossing your hair in a bun – sitting in your office with a cup of coffee – and just working like a little bee! Feels fabulous to be BACK!

I’m celebrating being home and relaxing with my laptop with a GIVEAWAY! Kohl’s is a destination I love because I can always score some awesome deals and essentials. I actually need to make a Kohl’s trip this week because I need some workout clothes for my sons and they have some great selections! Not to mention – their shoes are always on sale! I live for Kohl’s SALES!

Kohl's Gift Card Giveaway

I love a GIVEAWAY!!

Let’s kick off the month with a GIVEAWAY to KOHL’S!!


Get whatever you need – clothing, shoes, makeup, bedding, household items, sports gear, toys, books, movies, etc!!
How can you enter?

Easy entry!! See BELOW!!

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 9.24.18
    Derrick Johnson said:

    I need to get a nice fleece jacket since the weather is changing. I know Kohl’s have a nice selection of those!

  2. 9.24.18
    Nidhi C said:

    I need an air fryer for healthy cooking for my family.

  3. 9.24.18
    Jessica Gipson said:

    I need coats for the kids.

  4. 9.24.18
    Lisa said:

    I need to get some new sweaters and jeans from Kohl’s.

  5. 9.24.18
    Rebecca W said:

    I’d like to get some boots to wear in the fall! I love the cooler weather and watching the leaves change color.

  6. 9.24.18
    KV said:

    I would like to buy some winter clothes.

  7. 9.24.18

    It would be great to buy some household items and maybe put the gift card towards a Keurig.

  8. 9.24.18
    sandra said:

    I need snow pants for my son.

  9. 9.24.18
    Kelly D said:

    I need sweaters from Kohl’s.

  10. 9.24.18
    Tiffany Banks said:

    I need some fall clothes!

  11. 9.24.18
    bn100 said:


  12. 9.24.18
    Calvin said:

    A new bath room faucet, as one of them leaks

  13. 9.25.18
    Annette said:

    I need new bedding (sheets, pillows, blankets, comforters) from Kohl’s.

  14. 9.25.18
    Denise M said:

    I would like a new pair of boots

  15. 9.25.18
    Megan said:

    I need to buy some winter pajamas for myself.

  16. 9.25.18
    mami2jcn said:

    I need new pajamas for my daughter.

  17. 9.25.18
    Ronda Patrick said:

    I need some warm slippers, mine have holes in the bottom, its time to get a new pair!

  18. 9.25.18
    Tiffani P. said:

    I need some new boots. Love Kohls!

  19. 9.25.18
    Jenna P said:

    I need new pants. I always need new pants…

  20. 9.25.18
    Bryan Vice said:

    I need to get my daughter a nice fall jacket

  21. 9.25.18
    Kathy M said:

    I need a winter jacket from Zkohls.

  22. 9.25.18
    Seyma Bennett said:

    I need towels and shower curtains!!

  23. 9.25.18
    vickie couturier said:

    i need a new pair of grandma jeans lol

  24. 9.25.18
    Diana C said:

    Love to get some new blouses for work.


  25. 9.25.18
    Laurie Nykaza said:

    I need some boots for this coming winter.

  26. 9.26.18
    elishia bakle said:

    I need a whole new wardrobe but I will settle for a couple of good fitting bras!

  27. 9.26.18
    Lindsay A. said:

    LOVE Kohl’s! I’ve been eyeing a comforter there!

  28. 9.26.18
    Kesha Neal said:

    Clothes for fall are needed!

  29. 9.26.18
    athena graeme said:

    Shoes! We just adopted a little girl and she is growing so much faster than expected! We are in need of some winter boots!

  30. 9.26.18
    Jeremy McLaughlin said:

    Need some winter clothes.

  31. 9.26.18
    Talya said:

    I need some new pants and some towels.

  32. 9.26.18
    Rianna said:

    I need some winter clothes for my son

  33. 9.26.18
    Isra said:

    I need new jeans, mine are barely hanging by a thread

  34. 9.26.18
    Heather said:

    I would like some new leggings or a new bag. It would be hard to pick.

  35. 9.26.18
    Sadie B. said:

    I need a new pair of boots from Kohls. Winter will be here before we know it.

  36. 9.26.18
    nickie said:

    I could use a pair of boots

  37. 9.26.18
    Darren Scrubb said:

    I need a brand new pair of boots.

  38. 9.26.18
    Tainan Lu said:

    I need to get some new sweaters

  39. 9.26.18
    Kristen C said:

    I need a new wallet from Kohls!

  40. 9.26.18
    Darlene Carbajal said:

    I need clothes!

  41. 9.26.18
    Jessica W. said:

    I would like some new black boots for fall!

  42. 9.26.18
    Ashley B said:

    New jeans and winter boots!

  43. 9.26.18
    carol clark said:

    i need a new bra and some nickers honeslty no lie and some hair ties

  44. 9.26.18
    Sarah Cool said:

    I need makeup from Kohl’s!

  45. 9.26.18
    DanielM said:

    need some pants and boots

  46. 9.26.18
    Donna L said:

    I need a new pair of sneakers.

  47. 9.26.18
    julie Redden said:

    I need some new work out clothes

  48. 9.26.18
    Luna S said:

    New shoes for my kids.

  49. 9.26.18
    Marlene V said:

    clothing for my new job!

  50. 9.27.18
    Nicole Lancaster said:

    I need winter clothes for myself and my children from Kohl’s.

  51. 9.27.18
    Alexandra Y said:

    I need socks!

  52. 9.27.18
    Wendy R. said:

    I need (want!!) an Instant Pot!!

  53. 9.27.18
    Laurence Price said:

    I need some more sweaters for the winter

  54. 9.27.18
    Mya Jo Murphy said:

    I need some warmer clothes now that it’s getting chilly.

  55. 9.27.18
    kathy Persons said:

    I need new bathroom towels

  56. 9.27.18
    Edye said:

    New shoes!

  57. 9.27.18
    Arielle said:

    I just bought a new dress from Kohl’s, I love their selection!

  58. 9.27.18
    Elizabeth said:

    You know what Kohl’s has that I was looking at? Those Aerogarden indoor garden things. Thinking it might be fun for winter.

  59. 9.27.18
    amy stonger said:

    I need new towels and wash clothes.

  60. 9.27.18

    I would like a new pair of Sketchers running shoes from KOHL’s

  61. 9.27.18
    Clare O'Brien said:

    I need new workout clothes.

  62. 9.27.18
    Tabathia B said:

    I need bras and pajamas

  63. 9.28.18
    Jeanna said:

    I have my eye on a new pair of boots!

  64. 9.28.18
    Ellen Levickis said:

    I need a waffle maker

  65. 9.28.18
    Linda Madden said:

    I need a new comforter. I love Kohls!

  66. 9.28.18
    Meghan Malicoat said:

    I could really use a good quality pair of jeans.

  67. 9.29.18

    I need to get my girl’s some boots for the winter!

  68. 9.29.18
    Stefanie G said:

    I need some new sweaters for fall!

  69. 9.29.18
    Klydra Pugh said:

    I need new boots
    Thanks for the chance

  70. 9.29.18
    Stephanie Shipley said:

    My son needs some long sleeved shirts now that it’s getting cold here!

  71. 9.30.18
    Christy Peeples DuBois said:

    I need bra’s, jeans and shoes so badly. Kohls is a great place to shop for so many things.

  72. 9.30.18
    LISA said:

    new boots for winter

  73. 9.30.18
    barbg said:

    I would like to get some nice new bath towels that are thick and plush.

  74. 9.30.18
    Robin M said:

    I need undies for my kids!

  75. 9.30.18
    Katherine S said:

    I need some new shirts for the fall and holidays

  76. 9.30.18
    Barb W said:


  77. 9.30.18
    Joy Runge said:

    I need new walking tennis shoes

  78. 10.1.18
    ae minx said:

    Kohls is great for new tops.. and fun towels for the bathroom

  79. 10.1.18
    Sarah Mathias said:

    I am in need of a new hat and gloves for winter. Maybe a scarf too.

  80. 10.1.18
    Jack B said:

    Need to get some Fall clothes for my two boys.

  81. 10.1.18
    Lauren said:

    I need new shoes.

  82. 10.1.18
    Jessica L. said:

    I need some kids clothes.

  83. 10.1.18
    Jennifer H. said:

    I would get bath towels.

  84. 10.1.18
    latanya said:

    some pants for my son

  85. 10.1.18
    John H. said:

    We would get shoes.

  86. 10.1.18
    Elena said:

    I need pajamas from Kohl’s

  87. 10.1.18
    Kim Pincombe-Cole said:

    I need new workout wear and Kohl’s has a great selection of Nike, Adidas, Champion, etc.!

  88. 10.1.18
    Hayley S said:

    I need to get some new bedding for my kids! Some new dishes or a toaster would be awesome too!

  89. 10.1.18
    Marcia Goss said:

    I need a new pair of jeans.

  90. 10.1.18
    Anna Pry said:

    I need a new coat for the upcoming winter from kohls

  91. 10.1.18
    Nancy P said:

    Some new pieces to add to my limited wardrobe.

  92. 10.1.18
    megan said:

    I definitely need some new winter boots and scarves. I get incredibly cold during the winter season!

  93. 10.1.18
    Carolsue said:

    I really need a new purse! Mine is falling apart!
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  94. 10.1.18
    Barbara Montag said:

    I need winter tops from Kohl’s.
    thank you

  95. 10.1.18
    Meredith Brooks said:

    I need some new tops & a light coat for winter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  96. 10.1.18
    sherry fowler said:

    I need new gowns and jeans

  97. 10.1.18
    Nancy Bowers said:

    I need Fall / Winter tops.

  98. 10.1.18
    Stephanie Phelps said:

    I need to get me some new walking shoes. I love Kohl’s.

  99. 10.1.18
    jamie v said:

    I need clothes!

  100. 10.1.18
    Laura Rubenstein said:

    i need a new outfit

  101. 10.1.18
    Kayla Klontz said:

    I need a winter coat for my son!

  102. 10.1.18
    Kristen Patton said:

    I would use this towards baby items for my little one!

  103. 10.1.18
    Grace said:

    I would use the gift card to get my kids some more school clothes.

  104. 10.1.18
    Erin said:

    I would get some sweaters for the cooler weather.

  105. 10.1.18
    debbie wilson said:

    Granddaughter; Birthday 13 th

  106. 10.2.18
    The Frugal Exerciser said:

    I need a sports leggings and a new blouse.

  107. 10.2.18
    joseph gersch said:

    i would use it toward jeans

  108. 10.2.18
    rhonda miotke said:

    New sheets just bought a new comforter from Kohls.

  109. 10.2.18
    Tammy iler said:

    I need clothes!

  110. 10.2.18
    Shelby Terwell said:

    Maybe some new outfits for my kids! ☺

  111. 10.2.18
    Helen said:

    I need to get my little girl some new clothes.

  112. 10.2.18
    Christine said:

    I could use some new work pants

  113. 10.2.18
    Camille Sanchez said:

    What don’t I need! Actually I really need some socks and undies as we gear up to go to Wisconsin at the end of this month.

  114. 10.2.18
    Trisha Musgrave said:

    I would love a pair of cute boots and a cute sweater!

  115. 10.2.18
    Wanda B said:

    I need a new winter coat.

  116. 10.2.18
    MaryAnn said:

    I need winter clothes for my kids.

  117. 10.2.18
    Andrea P. said:

    I need new PJs for my daughter and pillows for holiday Guests!

  118. 10.2.18
    Michelle J. said:

    PJs for my kids for Christmas!

  119. 10.2.18
    donna porter said:

    I would purchase a gift for my hubby. We will soon be celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

  120. 10.2.18
    Lisa said:

    I need new sneakers!

  121. 10.2.18
    Erin said:

    I need new boots from Kohls!

  122. 10.2.18
    Marilyn Nawara said:

    I need some fall sweaters and boots

  123. 10.2.18
    Nancy Loring said:

    I could use a new look in my bathroom so a new shower curtain and a new bathmat would be nice.

  124. 10.2.18
    Breanne said:

    I need a new coat.

  125. 10.2.18
    Cassandra D said:

    I would buy leggings with a sweatshirt from Kohl’s.

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