Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft

Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft

The holidays are almost here! Yes. Believe it or not, the HDIY Reindeer CraftsOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST UPON US! It’s my most favorite time of year, so I can’t wait! I always say my favorite holiday is Christmas… just the build up is so much fun! It’s the best ever and I love it so very much! In order to get ready for the holidays I’m all about finding some awesome crafts to make with the kids for our house! These Rustic Reindeer Ornament Crafts are the cutest ever in the whole entire world! These Rustic Reindeer Ornament could also double as a cake topper, too! Or just a dessert topper!

Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft

Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft for Families

They are on the easier side to make once you get the hang of it, but before you get going – make sure you have these materials for the Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft project.

Materials (per ornament/gift topper):

Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft

3 cinnamon sticks
2 jingle bells
1 red pom pom
2 googly eyes
6 inch thin ribbon or thick string
Hot glue gun

Now for the directions! Make sure you follow along step by step! This is such an awesome craft to make at home with your kids because they really do come out so cute!


Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft
1. Place two cinnamon sticks together to form a “V” shape. Add a drop of glue to the point
where the two ends meet and press and hold in place to secure. Add 1 cinnamon stick
horizontally near the top of the “V” shape. Place drops of hot glue where the horizontal
cinnamon stick meets the “V” sticks and secure it in place.

Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft

2. On the “V” under the horizontal cinnamon stick, add drops of glue for the two eyes and
press them in place.

Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft

3. Add a drop of glue where the point of the “V” meets and add a red pom pom for the

Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft

4. Thread two jingle bells on a piece of thick string and knot the ends.

Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft

5. Turn the ornament over and add two drops of glue on each side of the “V” under the
horizontal cinnamon stick. Press each end of the string in place. Allow the glue to dry to
completely before hanging the ornament or placing on a gift.

Rustic Reindeer Ornament Craft

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  1. 9.26.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    This is really easy and so cute. What a great idea!

  2. 9.26.18
    Rebecca W said:

    This is so easy to do with kids that love to make crafts!

  3. 9.27.18
    mami2jcn said:

    I love doing projects like this with my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 9.27.18
    sandra said:


  5. 9.27.18
    Calvin said:

    Already decorating for christmas here too

  6. 9.27.18
    Nidhi Chauhan said:

    This is so cute. we love crafting. I am surely going to try this with my kiddos.. thanks

  7. 9.30.18
    Christy Peeples DuBois said:

    The first thing I thought about when I saw these was to place them on my gifts this year as gift toppers. I used the small bells and other similar inexpensive items too much and am excited to see this. Thanks so much.

  8. 9.30.18
    Ellen Levickis said:

    So cute. What a great idea.

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