The Importance of Doing Something for Yourself and your Hustle

The Importance of Doing Something for Yourself and your Hustle

If you’re been trying to reach me this week, I’ve been out to sea.


If you didn’t see my previous post, Vera and I are hosting our 1st ever Permission to Hustle Retreat with Carnival right now.  This has been a dream for forever and a day.  We worked for hours putting everything together and now that it’s here, actually in motion – it’s a pretty amazing feeling.  We wanted this conference/retreat to be all about empowerment, sharing, friendship and hustle. We wanted women to see each other’s passions and strengths and be motivated by each other. We wanted women to feel that they could take on the world and go after their hustle(s) with full gusto. We wanted women to be inspired. We had our vision all mapped out.

But… as always, there’s always extra magic that happens during conferences and retreats and masterminds that you just don’t expect and it hits you like a ton of bricks. This conference has been an eye opening experience for me… not only is it important to hustle and work hard, but you owe it to yourself to give yourself moments to relax, recharge and be with women who are just as passionate.


You are important.

You are a priority in every aspect of your life.

Permission to Hustle

You owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Being surrounded by these passionate, talented, smart and extraordinary women has been life changing. Women need women. We need each other’s help. We need each other’s kindness. We need each other’s support. We need each other’s strengths. We need each other’s love.

We still have 2 more days to go, but I’ll tell you what – this was needed. This was an experience that I’m honored 39 women shared with us. I can’t thank these ladies enough for taking time away from their lives to be part of this conference/retreat with us. It means the world and I will forever be grateful to the ladies who experienced this first go-around with us.

Make sure you’re follow our hashtag: #PTHCarnival

And thank you to Carnival Cruises for partnering with us and making this voyage and adventure so much fun and so amazing!



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