DIY Halloween Pumpkin Stress Balls for Kids

Halloween is a holiday that can get kids really amp’d up! There are Halloween parties! There are Halloween festivals and activities. There’s a lot of Halloween going on throughout the month!

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Stress Balls for Kids

Easy Halloween DIY Craft to Do with your Kids - Stress Balls

We made these fun and easy DIY Halloween Pumpkin Stress Balls for Kids this year because I thought it would be a great way to introduce some stress relief. These DIY Halloween Pumpkin Stress Balls for Kids are truly calm down balls that are an awesome and easy way to relieve stress and anxiety. And honestly? They’re just a ton of fun to play with, too!

DIY Halloween Stress Balls - Easy and Fun Stress and Anxiety Relievers
Easy to make, these DIY Halloween Pumpkin Stress Balls are fantastic calm down balls can be made right at your kitchen counter! I’m going to walk you through the easy steps!
DIY Halloween Stress Balls
Orange and/or White Balloons
Rice (we just bought white rice) *you can also use sand, flour, beans, etc.
Black Sharpie
How to Make the DIY Halloween Pumpkin Stress Balls:
1. Start off by “stretching out the balloons” that you’re going to use. How do you do this? You can either just stretch them out OR blow them up a little and just get some stretch into them.
DIY Halloween Stress Balls
2. Now you want to get the rice (or whatever you’re using) inside the balloon! This is when you use the funnel. Position the funnel inside the tip of the balloon and then start slowing pouring in the rice. I prefer rice because it really is the easiest for me to maneuver inside the balloon.
Halloween Craft - Halloween Stress Balls

3. Once you have the rice inside and it’s the size you prefer it to be, simply tie the balloon at the end.

DIY Halloween Stress Balls
4. Take your sharpie and create some fun faces for your DIY Halloween Pumpkin Stress Balls.
DIY Halloween Stress Balls
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  1. 10.19.18
    sandra said:

    great ideas

  2. 10.20.18
    Vickie L Couturier said:

    i need these for my self,,lol,,,they are cute though ,,i have a grandson that would benefit from these

  3. 10.21.18
    mami2jcn said:

    These would make cute gifts for trick or treat bags.

  4. 10.22.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    This is such a cute idea! And so easy!

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