Holla!! You know I love a good GIVEAWAY! I’m excited to share with you this awesome giveaway!! My readers love to shop at Kohl’s!! So I’m thrilled to be offering another KOHL’S $50 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!

Kohl’s is a destination I love because I can always score some awesome deals and essentials. I actually need to make a Kohl’s trip this week because I need some workout clothes for my sons and they have some great selections! Not to mention – their shoes are always on sale! I live for Kohl’s SALES!


I love a GIVEAWAY!!

Let’s do a $50 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!!

Get whatever you need – clothing, shoes, makeup, bedding, household items, sports gear, toys, books, movies, etc!!

How can you enter?


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  1. 10.16.18
    Elena said:

    I need to get new shoes

  2. 10.16.18
    meg said:

    I would buy some new fall boots!

  3. 10.16.18
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I need to get a Fall jacket.

  4. 10.17.18
    Gayle Fedelia said:

    Shoes, too 🙂

  5. 10.17.18
    vickie couturier said:

    I woud get my youngest granson some new toddler clothes

  6. 10.17.18
    mami2jcn said:

    My daughter needs pajamas.

  7. 10.17.18
    Natalie J Vandenberghe said:

    I want a new fragrance 🙂 but I need new walking shoes.

  8. 10.17.18
    Kim Pincombe-Cole said:

    I’m on the hunt for a new pair of black booties!

  9. 10.17.18
    Sara Zielinski said:

    I would like some new clothes

  10. 10.17.18
    sandra said:

    Pjs for the family

  11. 10.17.18
    Kelly D said:

    I need sweaters for the colder weather.

  12. 10.17.18
    Deanna Marissa said:

    I need a new small kitchen appliances from Kohls.

  13. 10.17.18
    Calvin said:

    Would get some faucet for the bathroom

  14. 10.17.18
    Rosie said:

    When I go to Kohl’s, I must take a buzz through every department! I love their undies and pj’s, that would be on the list, and maybe some warm pj’s for holiday gifts, they have a nice selection.

  15. 10.17.18
    bn100 said:


  16. 10.17.18
    Tiffany Banks said:

    I would love to buy my unborn son some new clothes!

  17. 10.18.18
    Wendy s Pesce said:

    My son always needs shoes

  18. 10.18.18
    Betsy Barnes said:

    I need some new bed linens and bath towels from Kohls.

  19. 10.18.18
    cyndi br said:

    I need an air fryer

  20. 10.18.18
    Daniel M said:

    need some winter boots

  21. 10.18.18
    Angela Saver said:

    I need a new winter coat from Kohls! Thanks so much for the chance at this!

  22. 10.19.18
    Clare O'Brien said:

    I would get some makeup!

  23. 10.19.18
    Cindy Peterson said:

    I need a new pair of workout pants

  24. 10.19.18
    Stephanie Shipley said:

    I want to buy some shirts for my son from Kohl’s. We love their clothes!

  25. 10.19.18
    Lisa said:

    I need some some shirts from Kohl’s.

  26. 10.19.18
    Darlene Carbajal said:

    I need shirts!

  27. 10.19.18
    Betsy Barnes said:

    I also need some new sweaters from Kohls.

  28. 10.19.18
    Julie Waldron said:

    I need a new bed spread.

  29. 10.19.18
    christina purvis said:

    The kids are growing again! We need some warm outfits for this fall/winter.

  30. 10.19.18
    Nancy Bowers said:

    I need a new turtleneck.

  31. 10.19.18
    Lisa Vance said:

    I really want an air fryer.

  32. 10.19.18
    Lisa Vance said:

    I really want an air fryer.

  33. 10.19.18
    Donna L said:

    I need new sneakers.

  34. 10.19.18
    Julie Matek said:

    I would love some new activewear:)

  35. 10.20.18
    Rhonda Grisham said:

    I need new bath towels and Kohls has great ones!

  36. 10.20.18
    Edye said:

    I need some shoes!

  37. 10.20.18
    Jessica W said:

    I need some boots and light jackets from Kohl’s.

  38. 10.20.18
    Sean said:

    I would buy another comforter

  39. 10.20.18
    Laurence Price said:

    I need to buy shoes.

  40. 10.20.18
    Jack B said:

    I’d buy some winter clothes for my boys.

  41. 10.20.18
    Tracie Cooper said:

    I would love to get some new jeans and nice tops!

  42. 10.20.18
    Tabathia B said:

    My daughter needs socks and a winter coat

  43. 10.20.18
    Elizabeth Miller said:

    I need to get both my 13 year old and myself new boots for this winter. Ours were ruined by all the leftover wet mucky snow last year.

  44. 10.21.18
    Marlene V. said:

    Some shoes for work!

  45. 10.21.18
    Nicole Lancaster said:

    I need a jacket, jeans, and sweaters from Kohl’s .

  46. 10.21.18
    Darcy Koch said:

    I need stocking stuffers for 5 or 6 stockings.

  47. 10.21.18
    Shirley Emitt said:

    We need new winter coats.

  48. 10.22.18
    Michelle J. said:

    I’d love blankets for Christmas for my kids!

  49. 10.22.18
    Susan P. said:

    I got 3 nice tops from Kohl’s and love them so much I ordered the same tops for my daughter (in colors she chose) for her to use as a teacher. Using coupon codes, the price for 3 was under $50.

  50. 10.22.18
    Nancy P said:

    I could get my mom some perfume. Maybe a little something for myself.

  51. 10.22.18
    Wendy R. said:

    New pajamas are something that I need! Kohl’s has great ones.

  52. 10.22.18
    Mary W said:

    I would look for clearance racks to look for clothes for my kids.

  53. 10.22.18
    Lynne said:

    I need baby clothes for a baby shower gift! They have such cute things for little ones!

  54. 10.22.18

    I need a nice winter sweater

  55. 10.22.18
    Melissa Storms said:

    I need a nice fall bag from Kohl’s.

  56. 10.23.18
    Laurie Nykaza said:

    I need some new shoes from Kohl’s love shopping there for the family.

  57. 10.23.18
    Susan Smith said:

    I need a new Winter coat from Kohls

  58. 10.24.18
    Derek Jennings said:

    New socks!

  59. 10.24.18
    Zoey said:

    I could use a new winter coat.

  60. 10.24.18
    Helen said:

    I would get me a cute winter outfit for the cold weather coming up

  61. 10.24.18
    Tammy Woodall said:

    I would to get my granddaughter some winter clothes.

  62. 10.25.18
    Paula Pennachio said:

    My mom and I have both been losing weight and need clothes really bad. So I will either share it or give it to her

  63. 10.25.18
    Jessica Sage said:

    We need new clothes in our house

  64. 10.25.18
    Mary Gardner said:

    I’d like to get some jewelry for my daughter for her birthday.

  65. 10.25.18
    Natalie said:

    I need to buy several leggings at Kohls and new warm tops for work.

  66. 10.26.18
    ae minx said:

    I love Kohls.. They carry great Pj’s that my mom loves

  67. 10.26.18
    latanya said:

    some thermal wear

  68. 10.26.18
    Lynda Thomas said:

    I definitely need some pjs and some new winter shirts for the kiddos! Kohl’s has such cute options! <3

  69. 10.26.18
    Kayla Klontz said:

    i need new winter coats for my children.

  70. 10.26.18
    Lesley F said:

    I could use new pjs for winter

  71. 10.27.18
    Erin said:

    I need to buy my son a winter coat.

  72. 10.27.18
    Toni Sprouse said:

    I need shower gifts for my soon to be daughter in law!! <3

  73. 10.27.18
    Cassandra M said:

    i would probably buy winter boots for my son and a pair of snow pants. I have been holding off for a good sale!

  74. 10.27.18
    Jennifer Keating said:

    I ALWAYS need new clothes, and $50 goes a long way when I shop there 😀

  75. 10.27.18
    Kristen Patton said:

    I need baby items for my little girl!

  76. 10.27.18
    Angelica Dimeo said:

    I need winter coats for my son’s

  77. 10.28.18
    Amanda Whitley said:

    i need winter clothes for my boys

  78. 10.28.18
    Lisa said:

    I need socks and long sleeve shirts.

  79. 10.28.18
    Leah Siapin said:

    I need workout clothes for myself and some church pants for my boys.

  80. 10.28.18
    Nikki Bankert said:

    Much needed New clothes

  81. 10.28.18
    Andrea P. said:

    I need winter pjs for all the kids!

  82. 10.28.18
    sarah s said:

    I’ve been really needing to replace my sneakers and backpack, so I would go for sneakers first and any leftover towards a backpack.

  83. 10.28.18
    rhonda miotke said:

    I would hit the clearance racks!

  84. 10.28.18
    Deborah G. said:

    I love Kohl’s leggings! My current ones are getting well worn and could use another pair!

  85. 10.28.18
    Tamra Gibson said:

    Just so happens my husbands birthday is November 1st and he never asks for a thing. If love to surprise him this year with maybe some warm socks and a pair of work boots. I hate that his feet get cold. Hes still the best Man I know after 24 years.

  86. 10.28.18
    Trisha Musgrave said:

    I would get some new jeans!

  87. 10.28.18
    donna porter said:

    I would start my Christmas shopping at Kohl’s. I want to get my mom and sister candles.

  88. 10.28.18
    Anita Jude said:

    I could use it toward gifts for Christmas for my son

  89. 10.28.18
    Cassandra D said:

    More clothes and shoes, as well as a purse.

  90. 10.28.18
    Kelsey Vinson said:

    Winter clothes for someone in the family

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