Corolle Baby Doll Review: Holiday Gifts For Girls

The Corolle Baby Doll is a classic doll for young girls. Check out this full review on the C0rolle Baby Doll Collection.

We are BABY DOLL obsessed in our house! We love them all and we want them all (that’s per Victoria!). Corolle Baby Dolls and the products and accessories associated with the brand are extraordinary! They truly have such beautiful, life-like, incredible products. We’ve been fans for years and now that Victoria is 5 years old and really into playing “Family” – baby dolls seem to be a go-to for her every single day! I love seeing her play and create her own world, I think it’s so important! With technology being so BIG right now, I love seeing her off the tablet and just playing!

Corolle Baby Doll

I’m going to be doing some fun HOLIDAY GIVEAWAYS now through Christmas because I LOVE GIVING THINGS AWAY!! For me – there’s nothing like sharing and spreading the holiday love!

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I shared a Cents of Style GIVEAWAY last week that’s still LIVE… and this week it’s ALL about Corolle Baby Dolls and Accessories!! We are thrilled to be sharing the Corolle Baby Doll tonight!! Come and check out our Facebook LIVE!!

My Victoria! She loves a good Facebook Live! These are the products we featured tonight!!!

Corolle Baby Dolls Giveaway

Remember opening your present and seeing your doll for the first time? If you’re like us, this is an unforgettable moment, a treasured memory that you want to relive later with your own children.

Corolle dolls will help you do this. Their pretty faces and delicate vanilla scent are unmistakable—these dolls are deliciously beautiful and well-dressed.

What’s their secret? Their story begins in Langeais, in the heart of France’s Loire Valley. There, a team of five people work in a stylish office just like you would see at a top fashion house where they dream up, design and select models, fabrics and materials. Each year, these passionate designers bring a sparkle to the eyes of little ones and grown-ups with their modern collections. The story continues in Asia where the dolls, clothing and accessories are made according to European and American standards.

Every year since 1979, the good fairies at Corolle have called on a wealth of imagination to create dolls, clothing and accessories that fit each child’s age and stage. This play helps them learn about the world around them, imitate what they see, explore their dreams, and let their imaginations run free.

You’ll find the magic of Corolle in so many laughter-filled moments: thousands of play sessions; dolls dressed and undressed; babies fed, rocked and changed; cuddly dolls pampered and chewed on!

Corolle Baby Dolls Giveaway

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  1. 11.6.18
    Maria B said:

    I would give this Corolle Baby doll to my niece for Christmas.

  2. 11.6.18
    Angie R said:

    I would love to give one of these sweet babies to my daughter Hannah for Christmas!

  3. 11.6.18

    Cecile !! She will be 5 Nov 27 and she has a new baby sister coming this Jan !! Love all of these Corolle products.

  4. 11.6.18
    Kelly D said:

    This would be for my daughter.

  5. 11.6.18
    Renee G said:

    This would be a present for my niece.

  6. 11.6.18
    Nancy Collins said:

    This would be for my five year old granddaughter.

  7. 11.6.18
    Natalie S said:

    I’d love this for my niece! So cute!

  8. 11.7.18
    Megan B said:

    My daughters would love this!

  9. 11.7.18
    vickie couturier said:

    this would be for my grandaughter,,she is the only girl in her family,,she also has 4 brothers

  10. 11.7.18
    kathy Persons said:

    My niece Julianna would love it~

  11. 11.7.18
    mami2jcn said:

    This would be for my younger daughter.

  12. 11.7.18
    Angela Saver said:

    This would be for my sweet niece!

  13. 11.7.18
    Casandra LaMonaca said:

    This would be for my 2 year old daughter who is all about dolls. She watches tv with them, tucks them in at night and even brushes their teeth. So dolls and accessories are #1 on our Christmas list.

  14. 11.8.18

    This would be for my youngest!! She loves everything Baby Doll! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. 11.8.18
    Alex said:

    This baby would be for one of my girls! My six year old would love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. 11.8.18
    Mary Gardner said:

    This would be for my granddaughters. She loves dolls!

  17. 11.9.18
    Amanda S said:

    My three-year-old daughter would love this!!

  18. 11.11.18
    Christine said:

    I would love this for my daughter!

  19. 11.12.18
    Natalie said:

    This doll would be for my niece! She would love it!

  20. 11.13.18
    Heidi said:

    This would be my toddler’s first baby doll. Her big sister is very protective of her dolls, so it’s time little sis had her own!

  21. 11.13.18
    shelly dixon said:

    This would be for my daughter who loves baby dolls!

  22. 11.13.18
    Kayla klontz said:

    this would be for my daughter, she would be super excited.

  23. 11.14.18
    PattiAnn Green said:

    This would be for my niece. She would love it!

  24. 11.14.18
    Erin said:

    This would be a present for my niece.

  25. 11.14.18
    Virginia H said:

    I would give the Corolle baby doll to one of my twin girls. They love playing house and pretending to be living on their own. Thanks for this blog post with all the information about this doll.

  26. 11.14.18
    Amanda Whitley said:

    this would be for my best friends daughter, she loves dolls and i owe her a Birthday gift!

  27. 11.14.18
    Dorothy Cagle Reynolds said:

    It would be for my niece.

  28. 11.14.18
    Stephanie Grant said:

    I would love to win this for my Goddaughter, she would absolutely love it!

  29. 11.14.18
    Sam m said:

    I have three nieces and a cousin with a baby girl. This doll would be adorable for any of them!

  30. 11.14.18
    Trisha Musgrave said:

    This would be for my 6 year old daughter!

  31. 11.14.18
    Dynal Roberson said:

    I would love to win this for my 8 year old daughter, she loves playing with baby dolls!

  32. 11.14.18
    Molly said:

    This would be for my niece.

  33. 11.14.18
    Anita Jude said:

    I would give this to a very special little girl who would love it

  34. 11.14.18
    Cassandra D said:

    My little cousin.

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