50 FREE Holiday Gifts for your Husband

50 FREE Holiday Gifts for your Husband

My husband and I decided that this Christmas we’re saving money and not buying gifts for each other. The kids were horrified when they heard us talking about this last night, I mean… horrified (I think they think it will come out of their Christmas budget, too!). 

Family Christmas Traditions

We started to explain to them that when we first started dating back in 1998, we were in college and had no money!

When it came to Christmas and Valentine’s Day and Birthdays we had to get creative with our gifting because it had to be free. We challenged each other to do the same thing this holiday and I’m up for the challenge for him — 50 FREE Holiday Gifts for your Husband.

50 FREE Holiday Gifts for your Husband

50 FREE Holiday Gifts for your Husband

OK – so here are the stipulations for the 50 FREE Holiday Gifts for your Husband.I love sharing my gift ideas over on MomGenerations! It’s always so much fun for me!

50 FREE Holiday Gifts for your Husband

– Nothing can be store bought

– Everything needs to be from the heart

Master LIST of 50 FREE Holiday Gifts for your Husband

Family Christmas Traditions

Write him a Poem
Story of your Love Story
Frame a photo of the Two of You
Create a Scavenger Hunt for Him – All Clues that Mean Something
Create a Love Coupon Book (I’ll leave the ideas up to you!)
Organize his Closet
Make him a Fancy Dinner at Home
Make him the Remote King for a Week
Bubble Bath Together
Breakfast in Bed
Picnic on the Beach (in the winter is romantic)
Give him Time to go Workout.
Invite his Friends over for the Evening to Surprise Him
Bike Ride Together
Write him a Love Letter and put it in a Bottle (and toss out to sea!)
Create a Time Capsule for Him
Let Him Sleep Late
Match all of his Socks
Do a Project for him that he’s Been putting Off
Make his Favorite Lunch for Him
Let him have Full Access to the Car Radio
Put Sticky Notes around the house of Memories
Create a Scrapbook of Items you have at Home
Have the Kids Write him a Story
Have the Kids Draw him a Picture
Create a Signature Cocktail for Him
Bake a something he Loves
Have his Mom/Dad write a letter expressing on Proud they are of Him
Head to a Local Destination Together for the Day (who needs to go away?)
Create a Video Montage of Memories
Put all of the “Old” Photos on a Disc/Storage
Write a List of 100 Things you Love about Him
Collect old newspapers and create a Crossword Puzzle book for Him
Head to local Library FREE Book Day (we have this at ours!)
Paint Rocks you have at Home with Special Messages
Frame an Old Love Letter
Put on a Fire and Read to Each Other
Hide a Love Note under his Pillow
If you have a baby, give him “Sleep In” Coupons
Clean out a section of the house he’s been “Meaning to Do!”
Surprise him with a visit from his Parents
Create a Play or Concert that you can Put on with the Kids
Re-create your 1st Date
Create a List of all the Destinations you’ve Been Together and Frame it
Dinner in Bed
Plan a Night a Home and Find someone to Watch the Kids
Create a Dish that Reminds HIM of YOU
Write him a Song
Create for him a Crossword Puzzle of all clues only he would Know

There it is!

50 FREE Holiday Gifts for your Husband!!

See!! You don’t have to spend a DIME to give him something special and meaningful. You just have to stop and think about him and what would truly make him happy. My husband is a big foodie, so if I made him something – I know it would really touch his heart.

The holidays aren’t about spending a ton of money. It’s about expressing to the ones you love your gratitude and thanks for them in your life. Declaring your love on paper would probably be the most touching of all!

I hope these 50 FREE Holiday Gifts for your Husband inspires you!! Shout out to my amazing husband from Redefining Dad!!





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