Printable for Managing Your Weekly Tasks – Weekly Hustle To Do List

Weekly Hustle To Do List

Managing Weekly Tasks can get overwhelming, believe me – I know! 6 months ago I started to really hone in on my organization skills and find ways to streamline and make my weekly to dos and tasks more organized for me. What did I start doing? I became more conscious of my day. Since I run my own business I needed to make sure I was constantly on top of what I was doing during the day. I didn’t want to waste precious time and I didn’t want to spin my wheels 100 times if I didn’t need to!

I started time blocking out my day which has helped tremendously.

I started working in my office which I’ve loved.

I started to give myself office hours which has been life saving for me.

And I started looking at my week – and just staying streamlined to that one fixture. I found that when I really honed in on my week, I was able to get more done and produce at a much higher rate. When I was looking at the month as a whole every single day, everything seemed too chaotic.

I created for myself a Weekly Hustle To Do List Printable, which I’m (dare I say it) obsessed with!

Weekly Hustle To Do List

Hustle Weekly To Do List

This is Weekly Hustle To Do List is how I organize out my week now. I give myself “goals” to hit for my work. Now I work as a digital content creator, so my focus is on producing content and also connecting with brands and companies.

What does this Weekly Hustle To Do List do for me?

  1. I layout what is due for the week and what truly needs to get done. Do I have content due to a brand? Do I have videos I want to shoot? Do I have ideas that need to be crafted out? Do I need to read certain articles? All of this gets drafted in the weekday blocks.
  2. Then I have my list of WHAT WILL GET DONE this week. These are definites. These things need to get done without doubt or hesitation.
  3. I give myself 5 people to call this week
  4. I give myself 5 people to connect with this week
  5. I give myself 5 emails to send out this week

If all of this gets done on one day, GREAT! If it gets spaced out throughout the week, GREAT! My goal is to just get it done!

Weekly Hustle To Do List

Here is the PRINTABLE version of my Weekly Hustle To Do List.

Love for you to share this or use it for yourself!

Also – please make sure you’re part of our Permission to Hustle Facebook Group!! It’s a place where we will continue to push you to get to where you want to be, I promise!

If you need more of a weekly cleaning list:

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