How to Cure Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are not fun! Not fun at all! I suffer from chapped lips in the winter and in the summer. It’s horrible because my lips are always cracked and sometimes it’s even tough to smile. It’s that bad for me. The worst is seeing that my kids suffer, too. My Alex and my Victoria have always been prone to chapped lips in the winter. Their lips get red and raw and they actually start to even develop a dry ring around their lips, too. It’s tough because it’s very uncomfortable, so I’ve become an expert (so to speak) in terms of curing chapped lips in the cold winter months. Nobody wants to have chapped lips – so… How to Cure Chapped Lips? I’ve going to share with you a few different ways that have worked for me and my kids!

How to Cure Chapped Lips

How to Cure Chapped Lips

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but your lips don’t have oil glands. That’s right – they are kinda on their own when it comes to being out in the cold weather or warm summer months. They’re just there – exposed to everything with anything to protect them. No jacket. No hat. No gloves. They’re just there, taking all the elements and what is being thrown at them in! You need to protect your lips and keep them safe, especially if you are already experiencing chapped lips.

What can you do? How to Cure Chapped Lips?

Lip Balm – I never go anywhere without a lip balm on me, but here’s the BIG secret for me and my kids – wear at night! Every single night I layer my lips up with a lip balm or ointment. I’m not “married” to a certain kind, as long as it’s a balm that will be a good sealant over my lips – I’m good! The balm will actually serve as a layer of protection and add moisturizer to your lips, too. Rule of thumb: Choose one high in emollients. Check the ingredient list for petrolatum, which locks in moisture, and dimethicone, which seals off cracks and splits in drying lips. I actually have also just used straight Vaseline on my lips, too.

Drink Water. This might be the last thing you want to hear, but you need to keep yourself hydrated. This will help you when you’re trying to heal chapped lips or prevent it from happening. You want to really make sure you’re keeping your fluid intake high with water! This will help.

Stop Licking Your Lips. Many times when your lips are chapped you have the sensation to want to lick them, almost to provide moisture. DO. NOT. DO. THIS. Saliva evaporates quickly, leaving lips drier than before you licked them. You want to make sure you’re not doing this because it’s not helping. It’s actually making it worse for you. I always tell my son Alex to be conscious of this because he does this all the time when he has chapped lips.

Stay out of the Cold. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, I know. But when your lips are chapped, keep yourself layered up and even your lips, too – if you need to be outside. Wrap a scarf around your lips or even wear a jacket with a high collar. Whatever you need to do when you’re outside to protect your lips – do it. It will help.

Run a Humidifier in your Bedroom. One thing I do with the kids in the winter is always run a humidifier in their bedrooms. This will help moisten the air in your home and will help fight any chapped lips that you and/or your kids are experiencing. My mom used to do this for me when I was a kid, too. This really does help.

How to Cure Chapped Lips

Try this (5) ways  in which How to Cure Chapped Lips! I can’t stress enough how helpful these tips have been for us. Make sure you do everything you can to keep yourself protected as the winter months are upon us. And remember – you can follow these tips too in the summer!

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