Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls

My Victoria is my little mini! She loves everything about fashion and beauty and glitz and glam! It’s funny – we’ll go shopping and she will want to touch every fashion item and try everything on. She will “ohh” and “ahh” and just be in fashion love! But with her hair? It’s a different story!

She loves to SEE pretty hairstyles, but she doesn’t love for me to do those hairstyles. I’ve had to get pretty good at creating quick, fast and super easy hairstyles for her! I know I can’t be the only mom who has a tough time on the hair front! I’ve created (and dare I say mastered) cute hairstyles for little girls for my Victoria!

Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls

Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls

I’ve had to do my best over the last couple of years to come up with (what I call them) lightening hairstyles for Victoria. She refuses to sit still while I do her hair, so I can’t expect her to sit for 20 minutes while I create something. Oh, I wish she would! But my reality is that she hates to get her hair washed. She hates to get her hair brushed. And she hates to get her hair styled. She would go without brushing her hair ALL week if I let her! It’s NUTS! Her hair is too long for that kind of treatment! So… I’ve perfected cute hairstyles for little girls that I can do in a minutes. Literally, minutes.

cute hairstyles for little girls

What cute hairstyles for little girls have I come up with? Well – I start with basic and easy styles – ponytails, pigtails and braids – and I just try to create something from that style.

You can make a basic pony adorable by making it super high on top of your head and rocking it like that! You can make pigtails super cute by rolling them into Princess Leia buns. You can make a braid super chic and sweet by bringing it into a ponytail. There are many different ways to create cute hairstyles for little girls without making them sit for a long time.

Since I wanted to put my “money where my mouth is” I had my oldest son help me create a video showcasing cute hairstyles for little girls!

Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls Style #1: Princess Leia Buns – Start with pigtails (make them as low or as high as you want to go) and then wrap the hair so they create little buns! Double wrap them with a band and viola! You’ve got the cutest little buns ever!

Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls Style #2: Side Braid – Just grab a chunk of hair and quickly braid it down. It’s a cute style for the side.

Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls Style #3: Braided Pony – Just take the braid from above and simply add it into a ponytail! How cute and easy is that, right? Love this so much!

Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls Style #4: Twist Messy Bun – Grab all of her hair on the top of her head and then have her spin around! See how easy the hair wraps in a bun! It’s the easiest messiest bun you will ever create! And then just band it and you’re ready to go!

Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls Style #5: Twist-Thru Pony – Make a ponytail in your daughter’s hair and then pull the band down so you can create a quick part in the hair. Simply pop your pony right thru it! It’s as simple as that my friends!

cute hairstyles for little girls

I hope these help!! We had a blast making this video and I am constantly trying to find more and more easy hairstyles to bring into our world. It’s now become a little obsession.

If you love these styles, you will LOVE these cute Shamrock Pigtails for your little girl, too!

Products that we use:

Wet Brush –

Pantene Leave-in Conditioner Spray –

If you have sons – I have 4 of them – here is a post I created years called Easy Hairstyles for Boys!


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    I like that these are fairly quick and easy because my little girl can’t sit still. I can’t wait to try these on her.
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    I just did Princess Leia buns on my daughter the other day! It’s so cute!
    (coming over from the contest)

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    These are such cute ideas. I love the Little Girls Style #4: Twist Messy Bun! Stopping by from your contest.

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    Great Ideas!

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