Little Black Dresses for Women

I’m all about finding Little Black Dress for Women that work for any occasion. I’m someone who loves to have a few dresses hanging in my closet that I can turn to in a heartbeat for a quick dress-up session. It doesn’t matter if it’s a work event or school event or date night out – it’s always smart to have that go-to dress (or dresses) in your closet. I’m big on sharing the best Little Black Dresses for Women because you can wear these dresses year round. It doesn’t matter the season (OK, depends on the fabric), you can always pull of a LBD.

Little Black Dresses for Women

I wear little black dresses so much, that I love to add one in every season. I’m a big believer in waiting for fabulous sales, so I’ve had my eye on a J.Crew one for weeks – just waiting for it to hit the sale round-up! I have a theory about J.Crew – everything will eventually go on sale. You just need to be patient and wait your turn! A few weeks ago my turn was up and I was thrilled to be able to quickly buy the LBD that I’ve been coveting! It’s a simple cut with a ruffle on the bottom – and I don’t have a dress that looks like this at all at home (so it was perfect and truly meant to be).

This is the J.Crew Little Black Dress I’ve been wanting (needing – which my husband doesn’t understand). I’m telling you right now – I really, really, really love it because (as you can see) it’s so versatile. I love the sleeves – they’re thick where you can wear an actual bra underneath it. It’s long – where you aren’t worried about bending down. It love the ruffle – it adds a stylish edge to it that makes it standout. It’s not too tight, which I love because who wants anything tight?

Little Black Dresses for Women

I wanted to showcase this dress because I think Little Black Dresses for Women are so key because they can be any style! If your’e a long sleeve girl – find one. If you’re not, go with an option like this! It’s such a broad category that you can really have some fashion fun with, but also depend on because these are standby fashion items. True standby that you can wear anywhere!

Little Black Dresses for Women

Little Black Dresses for Women

I’m always worried about my tummy region because I’ve had 5 kids. I never want it to standout, but (honestly) it does. I love a little black dress because it’s flattering, too.

Little Black Dresses for Women  Little Black Dresses for Women

Here are 5 Things To Look for when Shopping for Little Black Dresses for Women:

1. Find one that fits you to a T. You don’t want anything too tight or too loose.

2. Try on. Try on. Try on. I try on tons of them before I commit to one. Whether you’re spending $5 or $500 – it’s an investment and you want to make sure it works.

3. Make sure that the style you choose is one you can use in a variety of different ways. I love a good black dress you can wear to a wedding AND also to a school gathering.

4. Have some fun with some shoes! I didn’t here, but you can have some fun with some fabulous shoes with a little black dress!

5. Make sure you feel confident in the dress you choose. You want to make sure that whatever you have – it makes you look like you can conquer the world!

Little Black Dresses for Women

My advice to you – look for some beautiful styles right now. There are some gorgeous styles on sale right now – just about everywhere! I recommend looking at Macy’s right now. Actually going IN store and taking the time to walk around and find some dresses to try on!

Also check out how you can change the look of a Little Black Dress with a simple moto jacket! Holla!

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    Dana Rodriguez said:

    That is a really cute dress. Every woman needs a black dress or two!

  2. 2.22.19

    This is a cute dress.

  3. 2.23.19
    Tim said:

    Seeing women in dresses like this are a good indicator that summer is on it’s way. My wife pulls them out of the closet as soon as iyt starts to warm up.

  4. 2.24.19
    mami2jcn said:

    The little black dress never goes out of style!

    (visiting from your contest)

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