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When I think about a Snow White Costume, I think yellow skirt and red shoes. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I start thinking about Snow White. Her iconic yellow skirt is a must-do and her red shoes are a must have. I’ve always loved the story of Snow White because it’s a sweet tale and I used to love that she had 7 dwarfs who truly treated her like a princess. I always thought that was pretty darn cool. Not to mention she had a handsome prince that she lived happily ever after with, too!

Snow White Costume

Snow White Disneybounding Costume

If you’ve been following me lately you know that I’ve been doing Disneybounding with my daughter Victoria. She’s a Disney fanatic, which is fabulous because I’m just as crazy back with the Disney love. What I love about Disney in general is that it doesn’t matter your age or where you live or what you do in life – the magic of Disney is alive in all of us. It’s one of those magical things that you truly get to experience on your own and (the best part) you don’t actually have to be at Disney World or Disneyland to experience it.

Snow White

Since we live in Rhode Island, we have our own Disney fun year round! I just came back from a trip in February that I took with my sister and I was completely blown away that the ONLY thing my daughter wanted me to bring back for her was a Ariel costume. That was it. She didn’t want anything other than a new costume because her’s was too small. She also asked me to take photos of cute Disney outfits. I mean – can you imagine? I almost stated crying when she said it. For her… Disney fashion and style is something that IS magical and it’s something we can experience together.

Disneybounding has been a favorite thing for us to do because it really does combine 2 of our loves 1) Disney 2) Style. We can’t get enough of it and it’s really fun for us to do together. I feel like that’s the most important part for us, we’re doing it together and it really does create some fun memories for us. I wrote down a list of all of Victoria’s fave characters and we’re just taking our time going through everyone – one by one. She wanted to start with Minnie Mouse because she got a new costume from Santa! And then she wanted to do Mary Poppins because she loves her so much!

Next on the list was Snow White, which was where our Snow White Costume story comes into play! This is a fun hobby for us, too… so I don’t want to be breaking the bank! I want to make sure I’m staying within a reasonable budget and not creating crazy amounts of work and too much money. We always do our Disneybounding thing way – Victoria wears the costume (whatever it is that we’ve chosen to do) and I do the Disneybounding.

Snow White DIY Costume

When I started to think about creating a DIY Snow White Costume and Disneybounding it, I thought of a few things that would make the look really POP:

1. Yellow Skirt (as I said above)

2. Red Heels (as I also stated above)

3. Red Bow in Hair

4. Navy Blue Top

5. Apple

Snow White

I knew I needed some APPLE props! I’m an AMAZON girl when it comes to finding certain items. I knew it would be easy to just buy a Snow White look, but I really wanted to create the outfit myself. My method is pretty simple, I just search for specific items on Amazon that I know I’m looking for. For example, the red bow. I searched “red bow hairband” and waited to see what popped up. I knew the size I wanted and the look of it, so it was easy to find what I wanted. I didn’t want a JoJo Siwa bow, I wanted something a little more elegant and small. My advice? Search for what you need at the prices you’re comfortable with paying.

Disney DIY Costume

Disneybounding is not difficult to do if you know what kind of style you want to go with for it. I really do enjoy pulling together a fashionable look from a costume. And I’m telling you right now – this yellow tutu skirt is something I will wear ALL THE TIME NOW.  I was obsessed with it! It was perfect and blew in the wind and was super (duper) comfortable! I *may* have ordered it in a few additional colors for a few more Disneybounding challenges with my girl!

Disney DIY Costume

I also knew that I wanted to photos to be taken in the woods. Snow White is such a woodsy princess. I only think of her as tucked away in a cute little cottage in the woods. I don’t think of her in a castle on a mountaintop! I think of her as being very happy living a simple life, so off we went to the local woods! My daughter got a kick out of it because we kept looking until we found a nice clearing for the photos!

To recreate this look, this is what you need:

Yellow Tutu Skirt

Navy Blue Blouse:

Red Hairband:

Red Heels:

Snow White Costume:

I also share all of my DIY Costumes and Disneybounding over on YouTube, too! I have so much fun with Victoria creating these looks and I love watching the videos and seeing the magic in her eyes, too! Have some fun with this and really think outside of the box! You will be dazzled by how much this really makes you happy!

Snow White

Love for you to check out my other Disneybounding posts:

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Keep stay tuned to what else we have brewing! We have lots of new content coming up soon and can’t wait to share it with you!! You will really get a kick out of what we’ve got!!

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  1. 4.3.19
    Marisela Zuniga said:

    Super cute!! I really love your skirt!

  2. 4.4.19
    mami2jcn said:

    I’m crazy about your navy blue top! I had one exactly like it years ago.

  3. 4.4.19
    Jennifer N. said:

    Love the creativity. This would be super cute to a princess breakfast.

  4. 4.4.19
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    These are really cute costumes. You are so creative!

  5. 4.4.19
    Kristen said:

    This is too cute…..what fun!

  6. 4.4.19
    Sara said:

    How cute is this!

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    Betsy Barnes said:

    Awww, this is so adorable! The photos are beautiful too!

  8. 4.4.19
    Natalie said:

    My whole family love Disney movies! My niece and sister in law would love these outfits!

  9. 4.4.19
    Laurie Nykaza said:

    What a fun costume to wear, and that you can make it yourself is amazing. I love the bright colors too will have to give it a try.

  10. 4.4.19
    Cassandra D said:

    I like the clothing choices.

  11. 4.9.19
    Karley Moore said:

    These costumes are so cute and your red shoes are fabulous!

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    shelly peterson said:

    You guys look grat. I love your outfits.

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    Michelle H. said:

    I love this! So cute!

  14. 4.21.19
    Heather Ramos said:

    I absolutely LOVE this! I have been wanting to do a Mommy & Me photo shoot with my 2.5 year old daughter, but now I also want to create our own Disney outfits like this. Inspirational and fun! 🙂

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