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Let’s talk $50 to AMAZON!! Everyone needs SOMETHING from AMAZON!!


Thrilled to have it be a gorgeous time of year and so excited for this SPRING GIVEAWAY! I’m all about trying to stock up on some new items for the summer months ahead for myself and my family… I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for YOU to do just that for the spring! AMAZON has just about everything you need to get yourself prepped and ready – shoes, clothes, accessories, makeup, jewelry, etc!

Good luck!!

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 5.29.19
    mami2jcn said:

    I need sunblock and a good hat!

  2. 5.29.19
    Cheryl said:

    I need summer tops and capris.

  3. 5.30.19
    megan said:

    I would love to buy some new bronzer

  4. 5.30.19
    chelsea w said:

    I need a new maxi dress and a good book 🙂

  5. 5.30.19
    Margaret Smith said:

    New sneakers and sunglasses.

  6. 5.30.19
    Rosie said:

    I’m laughing, because I need so many things. I donated quite a bit this spring, and keep going back to look for some of them, but I keep forgetting the reason they were donated is I can’t squeeze into them anymore, and even if I lose some, there’s no way, not just tops and bottoms, but bras, shoes, etc. are too tight now, too!

  7. 5.30.19
    Marisela Zuniga said:

    I need some new sandals!

  8. 5.30.19
    Mary said:

    I would love a new pair of wedges!

  9. 5.30.19
    shannon zeidan said:

    I need a new swimsuit.

  10. 5.30.19
    Anne Higgins said:

    I NEED some sunscreen and thermacell to keep bugs away

  11. 5.30.19
    Bryan Vice said:

    My kids and my self need some new swimwear

  12. 5.30.19
    beth shepherd said:

    I need new flip flops and nail polish. Thank you

  13. 5.31.19
    sandra said:

    More room decor and sunscreen

  14. 5.31.19
    KATE USHER said:

    need sandals and bathing suit. thank you

  15. 5.31.19
    Nancy said:

    I want to get a new swimsuit. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. 5.31.19
    Cynthia C said:

    I need some summer tops for vacation.

  17. 5.31.19
    Natalie said:

    I need several more pairs of shirts, running tops, sandals and a new swimsuit!

  18. 5.31.19
    April said:

    I need a really good book!

  19. 5.31.19
    Tari Lawson said:

    I need some cute sandals with a bit of a heel.

  20. 5.31.19
    Ann Fantom said:

    I need new swimsuits and sunscreen

  21. 5.31.19
    Debbi Wellenstein said:

    I need better legs that look good in shorts! And I need shorts!

  22. 5.31.19
    Cathy French said:

    I need new summer clothes and beachwear for our upcoming Hilton Head vacation.

  23. 5.31.19
    Alyce Poalillo said:

    I really need some new summer clothes-shirts and shorts.

  24. 5.31.19
    McKim said:

    I need a new sun hat for when I’m outdoors.

  25. 5.31.19
    Ashley c said:

    I need some cute sandals

  26. 5.31.19
    Erin N said:

    I really need new summer clothes – especially tanks and shorts! Hope your summer is amazing!

  27. 5.31.19
    laurie damrose said:

    I need a vacation!

  28. 5.31.19
    Julie Murphy said:

    I need some craft supplies.

  29. 5.31.19
    Molli Taylor said:

    i need sanity but they dont sell that so ill settle for a blender to make special mommy cocktails

  30. 5.31.19
    Barrie said:

    I need a sunblock that helps with skin dryness and aging and a sunhat that looks good! A comfy reclining chair for enjoying the evening sunset would be nice too!

  31. 5.31.19
    joy f said:

    Books and cooler weather.

  32. 5.31.19
    kimrk56 said:

    I need new T-shirts.

  33. 5.31.19
    Heather S said:

    I need shorts

  34. 5.31.19
    Tanya Donahue said:

    I NEED fun activities to keep my 5 boys busy so I can take care of baby sis!! Maybe a few of shorts for myself too.

  35. 5.31.19
    linda said:

    I need summer dresses.

  36. 5.31.19
    Gwendolyn Jordan said:

    I need some sunglasses

  37. 5.31.19
    Karen DeVaney said:

    I need sandals and a couple of pairs of shorts.

  38. 6.1.19

    I need a new swimsuit!

  39. 6.1.19
    Anthony said:

    Some summer clothes.

  40. 6.1.19
    Jessica Walker said:

    I need nice sandals.

  41. 6.1.19
    al said:

    Books, lots of books.

  42. 6.1.19
    maureen said:

    I am in need of a good pair of walking shoes and some bug spray and sunglasses.

  43. 6.1.19
    Elle said:

    I need new sandals for summer.

  44. 6.1.19
    Christina Gould said:

    I need shorts and sneakers for the summer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. 6.1.19
    Heather said:

    I need new comfy sandals. And a beach house lol.

  46. 6.1.19
    Tn said:

    I need new summer clothes.

  47. 6.1.19
    Tracy Shafer said:

    I need a sun hat and shoes.

  48. 6.1.19
    Carla Moschetti said:

    I’m looking for a pair of inexpensive, comfortable walking sandals.

  49. 6.1.19
    Beth Hern said:

    I need some sunblock and a swimsuit.

  50. 6.1.19
    Katherine S said:

    I need some new shirts

  51. 6.1.19
    Lisa said:

    I need sandals and sunscreen.

  52. 6.1.19
    Anna Pry said:

    my summers require a good reusable water bottle

  53. 6.1.19
    Dana Scott said:

    I need new underwear. The kids have everything they need, yet I’m wearing the same undies from before they were born ?

  54. 6.1.19
    Alexandra Y said:

    I need sandals and bathing suits.

  55. 6.1.19
    Amanda Patterson said:

    I need a new pair of sunglasses! I broke my current pair last week

  56. 6.1.19
    Robin M said:

    I need new sunscreen.

  57. 6.1.19
    Debbie Yoder said:

    We need camping supplies!

  58. 6.1.19
    Nancy Bowers said:

    I need new capris for Summer.

  59. 6.1.19
    Billie R said:

    I definitely need some fun outdoor toys for my nephew, maybe a water table or a sprinkler!

  60. 6.1.19
    Cheryl Chervitz said:

    I need some sundresses and sandals.

  61. 6.1.19
    Crystal M said:

    I need a new pair of shoes.

  62. 6.1.19
    Jessica W. said:

    I need a new swimsuit for summer

  63. 6.1.19
    Lisa said:

    I need a new bathing suit!

  64. 6.2.19
    Dwayne Berry said:

    This summer I need time off to have fun with my daughter.

  65. 6.2.19
    kelly tupick said:

    I need some new shorts for the summer.

  66. 6.2.19
    kathy Persons said:

    Some new skorts

  67. 6.2.19

    Right now I need LOTS of bug spray. We can’t even stay outside in the evening because everything is eating us alive.

  68. 6.2.19
    kris s said:

    new swim shoes

  69. 6.2.19
    Marilyn Nawara said:

    I need sunscreen and a new pair of Bass Flip Flops.

  70. 6.2.19
    Elena said:

    I need sunglasses

  71. 6.2.19
    Saegan Anderson said:

    I need some cute new earrings for the beach 🙂

  72. 6.2.19
    Susan Christy said:

    I need some new cushions for my patio chairs.

  73. 6.2.19
    Hannah Evans said:

    I need a new summer wardrobe

  74. 6.2.19
    Jenny S said:

    I would like some new planters for my flowers.

  75. 6.3.19
    Laurie Nykaza said:

    I need some new bird feeders for my yard for summer and a bird bath too.

  76. 6.3.19
    S Riches said:

    I need a new bathing suit.

  77. 6.3.19
    Shea Adams said:

    I need sandals and shorts for summer!

  78. 6.3.19
    Tess said:

    I need skincare products!

  79. 6.3.19
    Dana Matthews said:

    I could use a couple of pairs of sandals!

  80. 6.3.19
    Julie Wood said:

    I need new Sunscreen and a pair of sandals!

  81. 6.3.19
    Stephanie Sullivan said:

    I need time in the he water. Whether it’s the pool, ocean, lake, or river, I don’t care!

  82. 6.3.19
    Luna S said:

    What do I need for the summer? More time off work.

  83. 6.3.19
    Allyson Tice said:

    I NEED Sunscreen and new bathing suit for summer!!!!

  84. 6.3.19
    Tiffany S said:

    I need new sandals for summer.

  85. 6.4.19
    Michelle J. said:

    Some clothes that fit!

  86. 6.4.19
    Carolsue said:

    I need a new swimsuit and sandals!

  87. 6.4.19
    latanya said:

    some new sandals

  88. 6.4.19
    Cassandra D said:

    Sandals,sunscreen and capris.

  89. 6.4.19
    Teresa Moore said:

    I need a swimsuit cover
    up and some pool shoes

  90. 6.4.19
    Kyl Neusch said:

    need sandals

  91. 6.4.19
    Rebecca Weiss said:

    I would love to get a cute striped dress for summer and some new sandals. I like getting things from my wishlist.

  92. 6.5.19
    Steve Weber said:

    I need to see DMB this summer!

  93. 6.5.19
    Daniel M said:

    i need a vacation!

  94. 6.6.19
    Antoinette M said:

    I need summer dresses.

  95. 6.7.19
    Sarah L said:

    I need a new swimsuit.
    Thanks for the contest.

  96. 6.7.19

    I would love to have a new rod and reel.

  97. 6.7.19
    Sean M said:

    Time off!

  98. 6.7.19
    Jack B said:

    I’d love to get some kids clothes for my two boys.

  99. 6.7.19
    Katheleen Cannella said:

    I need a few tank tops

  100. 6.7.19
    Joy Runge said:

    I need new sandals for summer

  101. 6.9.19
    Shirley Emitt said:

    I need some new tops for the summer.

  102. 6.9.19
    Bridgett Wilbur said:

    I need new shorts now that it is getting warmer out.

  103. 6.9.19
    Theresa Jenkins said:

    I need lot’s of snacks for our 5 grandkids that will be here daily!!!

  104. 6.9.19
    Kayley said:

    I could use a new pair of shorts for the summer.

  105. 6.9.19
    sam m said:

    This is my sons last summer home. We are going to do something epic!

  106. 6.9.19
    monique s said:

    FOr summer I need some new jeans and some new tees and summer tops

  107. 6.9.19
    Zoey said:

    I need to stock up on sunscreen and get some new summer dresses.

  108. 6.9.19
    adriana said:

    I need a fan.

  109. 6.9.19
    Theresa said:

    More groceries as kids are back home!

  110. 6.9.19
    Michelle H.` said:

    I need sunscreen.

  111. 6.10.19
    MelodyJ said:

    I need sunblock and ice cream.

  112. 6.10.19
    Stephanie Larison said:

    The AC at night, I can’t sleep when it’s too hot!

  113. 6.10.19
    Susan Smith said:

    I need sunscreen, sunglasses and sandals .

  114. 6.10.19
    Linda K said:

    I need an updated wardrobe – one piece at a time.

  115. 6.10.19
    Dawn M. said:

    I need bug spray and sunscreen for the summer.

  116. 6.10.19
    Jennifer Sparks said:

    I desperately need new pants that fit me now that I’ve lost all this weight. Honestly need a whole new wardrobe, as I still have stuff in my closet from about 30 years ago.

  117. 6.10.19
    rana durham said:

    i need new summer clothes

  118. 6.10.19
    Thomas Gibson said:

    I need a nice long vacation this Summer.

  119. 6.11.19
    Victoria Barbour said:

    I need some summer dresses.

  120. 6.11.19
    Helen said:

    I would really love some new sandals and a swimsuit for summer.

  121. 6.11.19
    Ana Gonzalez said:

    I need to cool off in a pool

  122. 6.11.19
    Meredith Brooks said:

    I need some vacation supplies this summer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  123. 6.11.19
    Becca said:

    I would love some new shorts and skirts.

  124. 6.12.19
    Michelle Macaluso said:

    I need some new sandals for summer.

  125. 6.12.19
    Ellen Casper said:

    I need new sandals and sundresses.

  126. 6.12.19
    Melissa Storms said:

    I really need new shorts. I have a lot of great summer tops but my shorts are getting worn and need updating.

  127. 6.12.19
    Sara said:

    some new clothes

  128. 6.12.19
    jeremy Mclaughlin said:

    Need new shoes.

  129. 6.12.19
    Darlene Carbajal said:

    I need sandals!

  130. 6.12.19
    Lauren said:

    I need new sunglasses.

  131. 6.12.19
    Ellie Wright said:

    I need sandals and capris for summer.

  132. 6.12.19
    Lisa Voyce said:

    I could use a new tent.

  133. 6.13.19
    Deborah Smith said:

    I have recently lost a lot of weight, so I need some new clothes for summer

  134. 6.13.19
    graeme graeme said:

    I need more games and things to keep my only child busy and happy this summer while school is out

  135. 6.13.19
    Rosanne Robinson said:

    I need a new top and pants for summer.

  136. 6.13.19
    Jennifer R said:

    I need gear this summer to run outside.

  137. 6.13.19
    Jovan B. said:

    Some cute tank tops

  138. 6.13.19
    Amanda Whitley said:

    i need maternity dresses. i am already miserable in pants.

  139. 6.13.19
    Robin said:

    I need to get some shorts.

  140. 6.13.19
    Kristen Patton said:

    I need a food processor so I can make some “nice cream”.

  141. 6.13.19
    BRYAN E. said:

    My teen daughter “stole” my favorite pair of sunglasses, an old pair of aviators, so I need to buy another pair !!!

  142. 6.13.19
    Kayla klontz said:

    I need some more ME time.

  143. 6.14.19
    Amy Greenwood said:

    I need some new shorts for the summer. Hopefully the weather is going to warm up any day now and it’ll actually start to feel like summer outside.

  144. 6.14.19
    Leah Shumack said:

    I need to restock up on my bug spray and sunscreen!

  145. 6.14.19
    Audrey Stewart said:

    I want a pressure washer.

  146. 6.14.19
    julie Redden said:

    I need sunscreen for all the days in my pool!

  147. 6.14.19
    Sandra Preti said:

    I need some summer dresses and hats.

  148. 6.14.19
    Amy Deeter said:

    i could use some tank tops and shorts

  149. 6.14.19
    Eizabeth Ray said:

    I need a vacation!

  150. 6.14.19
    Tabathia B said:

    I need some capris and short sleeved tops

  151. 6.14.19
    Peggy Rydzewski said:

    I really need a new swimsuit that I feel comfortable wearing.

  152. 6.14.19
    AEKZ2 said:

    I need some cute sneakers and some sleep.

  153. 6.14.19
    Stephanie Grant said:

    I’m needing some fun activities for my kiddo for the summer!

  154. 6.14.19
    Stephanie Grant said:

    I’m also in need of a new swimsuit!

  155. 6.14.19
    Sand said:

    I need a new ceiling fan.

  156. 6.14.19
    Megan Wilson said:

    I need new capris and sunglasses!

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